We drive patient growth for healthcare practices.
Logic Inbound provides proven client acquisition strategies to create dozens of new appointments every week for healthcare, testosterone, functional medicine and naturopathic clinics across the United States.

Logic Inbound is the best in the business. They’re skilled in what they do, and then some.

There are a lot of agencies and consultants out there, offering SEO and promising to bring success to your business. Anyone can say that.

But not everyone can do what Logic Inbound does. Their work is unbeatable. The team is incredible. I’d choose them time and time again.

Dr. Kate Kass


More, Higher Quality Visitors to Your Practice Website

Just having a website that gets a lot of visitors is not enough. You want a medical practice website that gets visitors interested in your services.


Convert More Visitors to Patients

Our conversion optimization tactics ensure that visitors seeking healthcare services or information on your site become new patients.


Let Your Five-Star Reputation Shine

Your practice’s online reputation will determine how successful it is. We ensure you get the most out of your marketing efforts by bringing up your practice’s online reputation. 


Logic Inbound reveals in this free eBook the same tools, techniques and strategies they used to help one hormone doctor increase her new patient appointments by 1000%.

Here’s what this 80-page step-by-step blueprint will teach you:

✅ Why you should start using Google search optimization to get more patients

✅ How to get more patient appointments by getting more targeted traffic to your website

✅ The secret to how your competitors are getting more patients through their website

✅ A proven search engine optimization (SEO) strategy that gets your practice website more traffic

✅ How to create content that will increase your reputation and build trust with website visitors (patients)

✅ We’ll teach you basic yet effective SEO strategies you can do yourself to get more patients

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