Dr Kate Kass Case Study

SEO is growing in popularity as more and more people turn to the internet. Businesses are no longer strictly brick and mortar stores. Even if there is a physical location, companies will also have a website for their services and products. With such high rates of online presence, it is vital that your site stand out among the crowd. That’s where Logic Inbound intervenes with our SEO strategies and growth marketing mindfulness.

We conducted a case study that looks at one of our clients, Dr. Kate Kass. Read on to learn more about her industry as well as her specific field.

Background on Dr. Kate Kass

Dr. Kate Kass is a local functional medicine specialist and holistic physician in the Seattle area. Her skill set focuses on naturopathy, age management, regenerative medicine, and sexual health.

She began her practice in 2014, working out of a shared clinic with other doctors. Logic Inbound started an SEO campaign for her business in 2016. Logic Inbound enhanced her content, created additional pages, and increased the rate of exposure her website receives. The team continuously monitors her traffic and presence in search queries over time.

By doing so, Dr. Kate Kass received an influx of new patients and her business is now booming. Today, Dr. Kate Kass has her own growing practice with multiple nurses and is looking for doctors to work under her. The following case study explains how Logic Inbound successfully channeled online search traffic towards Dr. Kate Kass’ website.

The Challenge

Dr. Kate Kass dreamed of opening an office space of her own. At the beginning of her SEO campaign, Dr. Kate Kass shared a clinic with her colleagues.  She was working for Sage Medical Group, an integrative medical center that offers practitioners a room of their own within the shared clinic. At the time, Dr. Kate Kass had to generate her own leads. This was done through word-of-mouth referrals and the occasional patient who found her online.

Logic Inbound needed to uncover the best possible SEO solution that would not only drive more traffic to Dr. Kate Kass’ website but also triumph over her local competitor in Google rankings. The challenge was simple: build authority and create credibility. The solution was more complex.

Logic Inbound’s SEO Solution

Logic Inbound altered Dr. Kate Kass’ existing website by formatting her content to include relevant keywords. We created a service page for each service she offers. Google ranks individual pages, not websites as a whole, so we always make it a priority to ensure full optimization of each page.

We researched how qualified prospects in Seattle use Google search to find these services and designed her informational service pages around these findings. We implemented on-page optimizations in accordance with our research. We increased the word count of her existing content, bringing each service page up to 1,000-2,000 words.

Google favors web pages with higher word counts. It’s also important that well-written content is formatted with structured data, including lists, bullet points, tables, YouTube videos, H1s, and a liberal use of H2s. Structured data drives higher usage engagement factors such as time on site, bounce rate, number of pages viewed, and forms submitted.

Google shows the best possible search results first so they prioritize pages that align with this heuristic. Web pages that suit their algorithm are more likely to appear at the top of search results. Pages that meet standards set by Google are assumed to be more useful to their users than the pages that lack factors Google considers important.

SEO Keywords Targeted

The team at Logic Inbound implemented optimal SEO tools and incorporated marketing strategies into their work with Dr. Kate Kass.

By embedding backlinks in numerous places and inserting vital keywords throughout the website’s text, Logic Inbound enhanced the content on her website in a manner that elevated SEO.

Keyword research is an unwavering tactic that Logic Inbound integrates into its growth marketing plans. Knowledge pertaining to keywords and which ones rank highest on search engines is invaluable.

For that reason, Logic Inbound relies heavily on the information obtained through keyword research. Once the SEO experts at Logic Inbound come to understand which keywords are more SEO-friendly and promising, they place them throughout the content on their client’s website.

It is equally important to track the keywords and monitor how well they rank on Google when included in a search. Logic Inbound surveilled the keywords over time and the team was pleased to find that they consistently ranked on the first page of Google’s results page.

Getting to the point where your site ranks anywhere on Google poses a lot of difficulty, so reaching the first page of results on Google is astounding. Logic Inbound successfully targeted 22 keywords and secured 11 other relevant page 1 rankings.

Keywords Targeted

Below is the list of 22 keywords Logic Inbound researched and targeted, ordered by page rankings on Google.

  • 1st: Erectile Dysfunction Seattle
  • 1st: Gainswave Seattle
  • 2nd: Anti Aging Clinics Seattle
  • 2nd: Testosterone Replacement Therapy Seattle
  • 2nd: Thyroid Specialist Seattle
  • 2nd: Functional Medicine Doctor Seattle
  • 2nd: Functional Medicine Doctors Seattle
  • 2nd: Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Seattle
  • 2nd: Functional Medicine Seattle
  • 2nd: Testosterone Therapy Seattle
  • 3rd: HGH Therapy Seattle
  • 4th: Thyroid Doctor Seattle
  • 5th: TRT Seattle
  • 5th: Bioidentical Hormones Seattle
  • 5th: Thyroid Seattle
  • 6th: Testosterone Clinic Seattle
  • 6th: Seattle Men’s Clinic
  • 7th: HGH Seattle
  • 7th: Seattle Thyroid
  • 8th: Men’s Clinic Seattle
  • 10th: Naturopath Kirkland
  • 10th: Washington Women’s Anti Aging Clinic

The Outcome of Logic Inbound’s Work

Looking at charts is a helpful way of determining results and compiling data to back claims. If you look at Graph A, you will see a steady positive increase in users over twelve months.

The amount of organic traffic rose from 31 users per month to 1,040 per month, representing an increase of 34 times as many users. Dr. Kate Kass’ website had 33 search keyword variations ranking on the first page of Google within 12 months. Logic Inbound helped a lone practitioner go from working out of a shared healthcare office to profitably running her own fully-staffed clinic. Logic Inbound made this happen by strictly using SEO.

The optimization of her website resulted in more visits to Dr. Kate Kass’ website via organic searches. The incorporation of SEO allowed Dr. Kate Kass to move into her own office space, open her self-titled clinic, and fully staff her practice, while maintaining profitable financial success.

Within twelve months’ time Dr. Kate Kass ranked on the first page of Google for 17 keywords. A blog post on Dr. Kate Kass’ website currently ranks at #2 on Google’s results page.

Graph A

Results Explained

Graph B depicts the number of new sessions per month, from September 2016 to January 2018. As you can see, the linear graph shows a steady incline over time.

The graph is indicative of positive outcomes resulting from the SEO strategies of Logic Inbound.


Graph C is a comparison of organic search traffic results between two time periods: September 2016 through January 2017, in blue, and September 2017 through January 2018, in orange. These months were selected in order to display changes from one year to the next.

In January of 2016, 175 new users spent time on Dr. Kate Kass’ website.

By January 2017, after only four months of SEO, that number grew to 1,392 new sessions, which is an 87% increase.

Organic search traffic increased by an impressive 91% since the SEO campaign began.


Concluding Remarks

Logic Inbound heightened the number of clicks and new patient inquiries that Dr. Kate Kass received. By targeting specific keywords and focusing on growth opportunities, Logic Inbound optimized her website successfully.

Dr. Kate Kass was able to start her own independent functional medicine clinic as a result of the work of Logic Inbound. She relocated to an office space of her very own, complete with a full staff to accommodate her growing roster of patients.

She opened her new office in Bellevue as of December 2017 and business continues to thrive to this day. An online presence and traffic directed to her website by search engines elevated her business to a position of success.

Logic Inbound is the best in the business. They’re skilled in what they do, and then some. The city and its surroundings are so invested in marketing and online presence, so there are a lot of agencies and consultants out there, offering SEO and promising to bring success to your business. Anyone can say that. But not everyone can do what Logic Inbound does. Their work is unbeatable. The team is incredible. I’d choose them time and time again.
Dr. Kate Kass