How We Helped an Accounting Service Increase Their Organic Traffic by 193%, Increase Their New Users By 511%, and Increase Their Number of Incoming Calls by 2,440%

Summary for Envolta

Envolta is a Canadian accounting and bookkeeping service based out of Ottawa that specializes in the law industry, primarily for small to medium-sized client enterprises. 

Established in 2014, they have been steadily growing their business and expanding their services, and recently became one of the fastest-growing accounting firms in North America. 

The main problem that they were experiencing was that they weren’t getting enough traffic from organic searches. This meant that they were having to spend an unreasonable amount of time and money on marketing to get their results. 

By implementing an SEO campaign to address the lack of optimized content on their website, Logic Inbound was able to increase their number of organic searches by 193% from an average of 885 per month in March 2020 to 1,707 per month in April 2022.

In addition, we helped Envolta launch a Google Ads campaign that increased the number of calls they received through their website by 2,440% and saw their conversions increase from 9.26% to 36.09%. 


The problem that Envolta approached Logic Inbound with was multi-faceted and required a two-fold approach. Although they were still getting steady business through word of mouth, their online presence was severely lacking.

They had two primary metrics that were considered the KPIs that they would measure success by; the number of calls that they received through their website and the number of calls that converted to clients.

Their first concern was the lack of new users to their website, which directly translated to an extremely low call volume through the website. The second concern came when Envolta was having difficulty converting those calls into clients largely due to misaligned interests.

Logic Inbound was tasked with spearheading a new content development initiative that would drive new interest to their website through SEO optimization. Additionally, we were tasked with ensuring that the new content would be relevant and useful to the clientele that Envolta was hoping to attract to improve call conversions.

Once the SEO optimization showed results, we would then carry that success forward into implementing a Google Ads campaign that would be integral in boosting call numbers as well as call conversions.


Logic Inbound kicked off Envolta’s SEO campaign and subsequent Google Ads campaign with the following:


Performed technical audit to determine technical issues that hindered site growth


Identified key issues that were delaying further growth and enhancing costs


Business Model, Website Review, Current Content and SEO Review


Analysis of organic and paid marketing campaigns


Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis


Campaign setup and launch


Envolta had the expertise, knowledge, and resources to be the best bookkeeping and accounting service commercially available. Logic Inbound was able to determine that the majority of the issues that were hindering them from seeing the growth that they were capable of were technical in nature. 

One of the first and easiest enhancements that we made was convincing Envolta to purchase the .com version of their website. Since Envolta was based out of Canada, they were solely utilizing a .ca web address. The .com version of their site was integral in helping redirect traffic to their primary site through searches.

From there, we focused on their content strategy by including relevant keywords in addition to high-quality, informative content that provided much-needed value to their existing website. 

As the new content initiative was underway, we also performed much-needed maintenance on their website to remove dead links, unnecessary or irrelevant web pages, and improved the layout and readability of the website. 

Through this process, we were able to add a significant number of high-quality backlinks through previous Envolta clients to their website. 

Finally, we reviewed Envolta’s previous ad campaigns and worked to remove duplication between ad groups, while adjusting the ad copy to better target audiences that were more likely to convert to clients. 

With this process, we launched a Google Ads campaign and utilized a Google phone number to track phone calls made and converted through the website.    


At the start of the campaign, Logic Inbound focused on improving Envolta’s SEO presence on Google. By revitalizing their existing content and creating a new content plan for their writers to follow, we were able to drastically improve their Google rankings. 

By focusing on SEO optimization and improving the keyword tags on the map tag in addition to increasing the number of local SEO content pieces and service-specific pages, we saw a 511% increase in the number of new users to the website from 1,282 in August 2020 to 6,553 in May 2022. 

Once we started seeing a dramatic increase in the number of new users and organic searches to the website, we decided to capitalize on the momentum by beginning a Google Ads Campaign to target and convert those new users into clients. 

Of those new users, we saw an increase of 2,440% in the number of calls received through the website from 10 in March 2020 up to 244 in May 2022. Of these calls, the conversion rate to new clients increased from 9.26% in March 2020 to 36.09% in April 2022.

Increase in Calls Recieved Due to Targeted Ads

Area chart showing number of referring domains over time

Increase in Call Conversions to New Clients

Area chart showing number of keywords for a website and their positions

Increase in New Users to Website

Area chart showing number of keywords for a website and their positions

Improvement in Number of Organic Searches on Google

Area chart showing number of keywords for a website and their positions