Website Optimization Resulted In 70% More Traffic


Logic Inbound assisted Dr. Mark Cannon of Cannon EyeCare in optimizing his website to improve loading speeds, ranking, user experience, and ultimately lead conversion. With our strategy, we grew the site from generating 4,300 users over 9 months to 7,400 users in the same following period.


Dr. Mark Cannon is the owner of Cannon EyeCare, a Seattle-based optometry practice.

In February 2021 Mark realized that his website wasn’t performing as well as he believed it could. He wanted to spend less on ads while driving more engagement. 



The Cannon EyeCare website used to be a solid performer, however over time the website had stagnated and paid advertising wasn’t producing the results needed.

Additionally, the site itself was out of date, with unoptimized content. The foundations for a strong website were there, but with increasing competition it was time to maximize the potential for conversion.

After a few initial meetings, Logic Inbound identified several opportunities for improvement that could be focused on over the course of the following months.

We would focus on on-page improvements, explore new content ideas, and implement technical changes that would overall increase organic and direct traffic while providing a better user experience.



The Logic Inbound team increased loading speeds site-wide by optimizing and pre-loading images, removing unused JavaScript and CSS, and deferring unnecessary resources. The results of these efforts decreased the load time of each page by an average of one second, and drove PageSpeed up from low-to-mid 80s to well over 90.



before image of Cannon EyeCare homepage pagespeed
before image of Cannon EyeCare services page pagespeed
before image of Cannon EyeCare orderpage pagespeed
after image of Cannon EyeCare homepage pagespeed
after image of Cannon EyeCare services page pagespeed
after image of Cannon EyeCare order page pagespeed

Increased Website Traffic and Conversion

Over the course of the campaign, Logic Inbound worked closely with Cannon EyeCare to produce new, optimized content for the website as well as making a push to incorporate email marketing into our efforts.

The result of this? A 70% increase in total traffic, with an increase of over 570% from direct sources and 13% from organic sources. Thanks to our optimization, this traffic had a 25% decrease in bounce rate, all while visiting 54% more pages for 61% longer.

Bottom line: Cannon EyeCare’s website produced enough traffic to completely book out the business.


Google Analytics results for Cannon EyeCare