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What is SEO?

Search engine optimization, or SEO, increases your website’s visibility and exposure by getting your name to the top of Google search results. This kind of searching is how much people find products online. Strong SEO can drive increased traffic to your website that may mean more sales as customers seeking exactly your products land on pages relevant to their interests.

[toc]People scouring Google for search terms related to your business represent an audience with a significant amount of purchasing intent already. It’s even possible to tell where in the buying cycle people are by what they’re searching for in Google. If people search using phrases such as “steel frame bike vs. aluminum frame” it indicates that are only beginning to investigate products. Their search is still focused on basic facts and information and hasn’t progressed deeper. But once they start running searched for brand names and terms including the word “buy,” such as “buy bike model X,” they are seriously considering making a purchase.

We at Logic Inbound strive to understand the needs of customers at all these stages in a customer’s search. It’s important to have your name appearing prominently in search results in various stages of the buying process so that people see your product and ultimately end up on your website when they’re ready to buy. In particular, we tailor our approach to the earliest stages of the buying lifestyle, when you can capture the most incoming search traffic.

Our Methods for Improving Your SEO

Those who attempt to take on SEO on their own can encounter hundreds of conflicting metrics and signals. It’s understandable that many become frustrated when confronted with so much information and so few clear answers. There’s no way to focus your efforts when you’re examining 150 different things that supposedly all factor in to SEO.

While there are certainly many, many search-related signals that impact your rating, there are only four or five that truly matter.

Understanding the difference is how Logic Inbound ensures we give you the most value possible during your SEO process. We focus on:

  • research
  • site structure
  • authority
  • relevance
  • content

We stay closely focused on these key indicators of SEO in order to deliver reliable and impactful results. Trying to optimize 150 indicators is a losing battle; focus instead on what really matters.

Our Research

When consumers are researching products or services they need, they aren’t thinking about SEO. This is why SEO can be a difficult and constantly shifting metric to meet. Even so, the precise way real people will search for things they need is more important than it seems. For example, the difference in impressions between the search terms “Houston seo” and “Houston seo company” can be thousands of searches per year. As small as it seems, picking the right search term will mean you get thousands of visitors instead of only a few.

Our research process helps us understand the nuances of picking the correct search terms every time. Our research can reveal the ways real customers are naturally searching for products and services similar to yours and steer you toward the terms that will have the most impact for you. We think this approach will cause an uptick in the traffic you see on your brand’s website. Our goal is to produce more customers who click through to purchase your products and services when they visit your website.

Structuring Your Site

A strong website with excellent structure and design is one of the most important factors in getting brand a higher rank in search results. Poor site structure will still result in a lower rank in Google. In addition, poor site structure could mean missing out on showing up in searches where you should be placing high up. In contrast, a website with an optimized structure will rank higher, attract more traffic and direct that traffic to the right places. Something as simple as a bulleted list can provide so much value to users and SEO by offering clear, formatted information. This is why we place such a high value on optimizing site structure for our clients.

Website Authority

Websites that are already considered authoritative can lend your site authority when they link to each other. This may include your own website, but we look more broadly as well. High-value links express to Google the relevance of your website in relation to certain terms where it will thereby rank higher. Our strategies here include internal links that not only lend authority but also move users through your websites, as well as external links that are relevant to your content.

The value Google places on sites that have a lot of authority can not be overstated. Users who may have missed your website will take note when Google ranks it highly in their searches. These authentic impressions are a great way to also build trust with an audience of new customers. Websites deemed authoritative by Google not only have strong SEO but also loyalty among their customers. The bonuses of this approach are not simply in the realm of SEO, but impact your day to day business. Prove to users right away that you’re the right website to trust when they’re researching for products.

Improving Relevance

Google doesn’t just sweep up entire websites; it breaks down the content on each page. This is great news for you, as it makes it more possible to outrank websites that are technically stronger and more authoritative on any given search query. Think of it this way: It is a much more manageable task to make a single super strong and optimized page than try to compete head to head with a big brand’s whole website.

That’s where we come in, offering content that is focused, search relevant and powerful. We know how to place your website at the top of search results with other competitors you may lag behind. We’ll find the search terms that are the best suited to your website and will mean the biggest impact on your website traffic on views. But we look at more than just the search terms people are using online. We’ll make sure our methods are meaningful for your brand. We understand how the relevance of the website’s content can weight its rank in Google. We therefore strive to create content that is genuinely meaningful for your customers.

Our Content

If every other factor is perfectly implemented to optimize Google search results, content would still be the absolute most important factor in search engine ranking. Nothing will get you results the way content will. Even the most well-known brand’s websites might place lower than you in search result ranking if you have better content.

We understand the strategies and best practices for optimizing content. Some keys to getting the best content includes structuring that content and providing more information than competitors. And we put it into practice for ourselves, too. If you were to research “Is Shopify safe?” or “contact Instagram support” you would end up at our website rather than the sites of those well-known brands. We know our methods work because we’ve used them for ourselves and seen that lengthy, strongly structured content can beat out the content that is made by bigger companies.

What Makes Us the Best SEO Provider in Houston?

Logic Inbound provides top-notch SEO services that are backed up with proven methods. Whether you are a massive company or a small startup, we can work with you to produce SEO content that will improve your search ranking. {Here are just a few of the reasons we are so confident in our work:

  • We work with some of Houston’s most innovative brands
  • Our own site is ranked is on the first page of Google for 600+ keywords
  • We see over 20,000 visits a month from Google|

We backup our work with real results, including:

  • Working with innovative Houston brands
  • Getting our own site onto the first page of Google results for more than 600 keywords
  • Getting more than 20,000 visits from Google per week|

Here are some of the ways in which we have excelled in the field of SEO:

  • We work with innovative brands in Houston
  • We have gotten our own company website onto the first page of search results for 600+ search queries
  • Our own website gets more than 20,000 visits a month from Google

Our success has expanded our client base. Everyone from law firms to retailers has sought out our SEO strategies to help improve their website rankings. It doesn’t matter what product or service you specialize in; our techniques will work for your SEO needs. While our approach applies broadly across a range of businesses, we also tailor our approach to your unique brand.

Why Are SEO Agencies Better Than SEO Consultants?

Logic Inbound is not an individual consultant but a full-service SEO agency. But why should you use an SEO agency rather than an SEO consultant?

We look at our approach as one focused on teamwork. When you work with a team, you are sure to find people who understand your products and services, as well as your SEO needs. Teams are collaborative, sharing knowledge and resources to produce a stellar product. In contrast, a consultant is an individual trying to accomplish their tasks all on their own. We see our teamwork as our strength, as it makes our methods and results stronger.

Often, consultants are only consultants because they have not yet gained the skills to grow their business into an agency. They are working with limited bandwidth; since they are only one person, they can’t expand that bandwidth to meet a client’s needs. Not so with a team. Teams can expand their capacity by sharing work across team members. We believe our team knows how to find the right SEO approach and work together to get results no matter what your business needs.

The Difference Between Consulting and Implementation

SEO consulting leads to SEO implementation when we advise clients. These two approaches are both important, but involve different outcomes. We often use them in combination in order to produce the best possible results. A specific client’s needs and personality will determine which path we think is best for consulting and implementing. It is not uncommon for clients to want to save time and hassle by letting us do the implementation. We will support the strategies that come from our consultations with tangible results.

What is Consulting?

It is important to do methodical research while consulting for SEO.

Consultation examines a range of things, including:

  • Finding the right keywords
  • Revamping site structure
  • Speaking with authority
  • Site relevance
  • Site content

We extensively research all of these areas and plan the strategy that works best for you. Our consulting services are meant to empower clients to do most of the steering. In these early stages, you should get the benefits of our experience and research to discover insights. We’ll tell you what will work in order to get your website ranking higher in Google search results, whether that’s more and stronger content to build authority and relevance, revamping the website’s structure or just making sure the right keywords are associated with your site.

The goal is to have you in charge again soon. It is not unusual for clients to want to do their own implementation after getting a consultation for us. There are some who are willing to do restructuring and content writing in house once they have a clear direction. We can provide a road map that your team can follow using their own voice, style and business specific knowledge. The voice of your brand is often a voice discovered in house among your own experts who can speak to your products best.

Implementing on SEO

All that said, not everyone can implement. That’s why we do SEO implementation on top of just consultation. An SEO implementation from us is the next step after a consultation, putting in place the methods we discover.

Some of the things we can do during the implementation phase includes content creation and research on what is working for similar brands to your own.

When we do an implementation, we may:

  • Create content
  • Write articles
  • Restructure pages and content
  • Research keywords
  • Report on progress and success

The metrics we show you during and after our process will prove the success of our methods and approaches. We do much more than just research in our SEO strategies. When we implement on those strategies we produce excellent results and verifiable benefits.

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