CPR Northwest Washington approached Logic Inbound looking to become a top CPR brand in Seattle from a referral.

Before working with us they had a maximum traffic of 400 visitors-per-month, doing some SEO on their own.

We started by training them on how to improve their SEO strategy.

However, after earning their trust, they decided to invest into a full campaign.

Through Logic Inbound they nearly tripled their traffic, with a 284% increase in monthly visitors.

But more importantly we helped put them on the road to double their revenue.

Any company can go after keywords, but going after the right traffic to increase your income is what matters most. 

Monthly traffic before campaign = 404 visitors

Monthly traffic after campaign = 1511 visitors and growing

Let’s talk about keywords, competitive keywords.

We helped CPR Northwest rank for highly competitive keywords on page 1 of Google SERPs.

We did this by:

  • Figuring out which keywords the clients needed to rank for that generated business.
  • Creating those pages with properly optimized content.
  • Building online authority for our client from different online sources.

I’m actually currently working on an ebook that will be free to read on our site about how to properly optimize your website for SEO.

CPR Northwest ranks 3rd for ‘Seattle CPR‘ keyword

Competitive keyword rankings

Special Add On – CPR NW Site Redesign

We noticed that the website could use a lift and one thing that makes us different from most agencies is our honesty.

What we try to focus on is making our clients the most money and sometimes SEO isn’t enough.

We discussed with CPR Northwest that a qualified visitor wouldn’t be as interested in their services if their site didn’t have fixed navigation.

Plus, a better look would increase conversions so we spent some of their monthly budget for a redesign.

Google will definitely reward more optimized sites than those that look old.

The CPR Northwest site in 2017

Redesigned site by Logic Inbound

And that was our campaign for CPR North West. I’m happy to say that they have been very satisfied with the results Logic Inbound has given them.

And you don’t have to take our word for it..


“Working with Logic Inbound has been a joy. You can tell they know their craft and business, I’m excited about where the future will go as both of our companies expand in the healthcare market. One of my favorite things about them is the educational approach with us early on so I still feel I have a pulse on what’s going on. I recommend them to anyone interested.”

– Steve, CPR Northwest