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Advanced lead generation for mold removal services.


“Logic Inbound has been fantastic“ – Bryce Rogers, owner. 


Business Summary


EnviroPure came to Logic Inbound for Search Engine Marketing services with a brand new website!

  • Although the website is new, the business is already somewhat established locally. They hold multiple certifications for mold removal services and sported a 4.9 star rating on Google Reviews (now up to 5 stars with 35 reviews).
  • Serving Richmond, VA and the metropolitan area, EnviroPure is a new branch of the Pure Maintenance family – a brand that we are proud to have helped in establishing in the field of mold removal across the digital landscape.

After agreeing to a monthly ad spend budget of $3000, we estimated that the best course of action would be a localized Google Ads campaign with a custom landing page which was designed by Logic Inbound’s coordinated duo consisting of a web developer and a PPC advisor who would be crafting the campaign.


The campaign would run into multiple challenges which our experienced team overcame with relative ease.

The main challenge ended up being avoiding non-qualified leads. The details of the client’s services are such that they provide some services but not other adjacent services for which some leads were interested.

For example, EnviroPure offers mold remediation testing and inspections, mold remediation and removal, but without any demolition services, drywall removal, fire and water structural damage mitigation and so on.


Dry Fogging?

  • The term “dry fogging” isn’t used nearly as much by the average person looking for “mold removal”.
  • EnviroPure are proud of their patented dry fogging system which has been rigorously tested by none other than the US Army Corps of Engineers. This, however, doesn’t mean that the end users are convinced of the effectiveness of this system, especially since the competition heavily emphasizes the need for demolition work even when it’s not necessary.

Even so, EnviroPure’s close rate has been hovering around 50-60% before they came to us. Logic Inbound aimed to surpass that by providing quality leads!


Additional Hurdle – Renters!

When serving ads, we found it’s very difficult to disqualify people who are only renting their apartments since they don’t have the necessary permissions to allow such a procedure to be conducted on another person’s property.

In the next section we will discuss the process that led to the success of the campaign.



  • The kickoff call with the client identified the following areas Logic Inbound addressed before and during the beginning phases of the PPC campaign:

A questionnaire filled out by the client was discussed on a call


Extracting key points – distilling the call notes into an actionable strategy

Business model & website review

Analysis of similar organic and paid marketing campaigns


Simultaneous PPC campaign preparation and landing page design


Cycles of reporting and feedback followed by campaign adjustments


Locations served:

  • Arlington, VA
  • Fairfax County, VA
  • Loudoun County, VA
  • Fredericksburg, VA
  • Prince William County, VA
  • Alexandria, VA
  • Richmond, VA 
  • Montgomery County, Maryland
  • Charles County, Maryland

Monthly ad budget = $ 3,000

Campaign timeframe: March 16th – July 4th 2023

Before the landing page was designed by Logic Inbound, the PPC team worked meticulously on keyword and competitor research. We used our extensive knowledge and experience from this industry to shorten the process and in no time we had a campaign and landing page ready to go.

We have identified only a few 1:1 competitors in the area, the rest of which being national marketing platforms which we already knew were on the rise and taking up a lot of Google SERP real estate, and some of them invested heavily into Google Ads.

Their efforts, however, were not enough to stop an ad set crafted by an experienced team, leading to a high quality landing page, and backed up by a strong certified local business.


Keyword & Competitor Research


Landing Page Design


Campaign Launch, followed by feedback and adjustments


Iterating Ad Copy & Targeting


Reviewing Lead Data

Competitor data:

Takeaway: We found that the budget combined with our prior work experience in this niche allowed us to conduct ad testing faster than a lower budget would. This led to a burst of iterations that resulted in the following acquisition numbers.


Overall data from Mar 16 to July 4, 2023

Bar graph showing organic users generated on a website
Bar graph showing organic users generated on a website
Bar graph showing organic users generated on a website

Call Rail

A major component of our campaigns is the use of detailed tracking thanks to a service called CallRail. We advise all our clients to integrate this system into their own as it helps our marketing team tremendously.

The results speak for themselves.

First Time calls March 16 – July 4,2023 (all time):

Lead Forms March 16 – July 4, 2023 (all time)


The best period was from May 5 to June 1, 2023

Area chart showing number of referring domains over time

Only two calls were marked as bad without comment left.

Only 3 Lead forms were marked as bad with comments:

  • “She had mold on the outside of the house, front door. She needed a power washer instead.”
  • “Renter with a moldy washing machine”
  • “Not able to reach them”


After achieving 128% of the agreed KPI goals, the campaigns ended on June 4th 2023 with a sizable amount of data to work with and form future strategies with a decreased cost-per-lead. More importantly, the client’s business spiked significantly in a very short time.

Today, EnviroPure is a thriving business, and the snowball effect from investing into Pay-Per-Click marketing is still showing results to this day.

Of course, the fact that they are certified professionals who just needed to break through in a saturated market definitely helped. Their professionalism is noted by the 5–star Google Reviews.

As for Logic Inbound and whether we can help your business, it mostly depends on the factors below:

  1. Local laws and regulations 
  2. The market size of your service area
  3. Budget Spend in proportion to your competitors

We’re ecstatic to show you all the ways how we can grow your business! Contact us to obtain a free report.

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