Auto Repair Shop Secures New Clients With PPC Campaign

The Client

Manufacturer-certified auto body shop in Bellevue, WA since 1991. Over 21 certified technicians provide complete auto collision & repair services.
Exotic Motors logo
Exotic Motors has decades of experience with exotic and luxury car rebuilds. Over 30,000 customers. 4.9 star rating from 1,389 reviews.

The Problem

Exotic Motors partnered with Logic Inbound to help them overcome the following challenges:


  • Previous experiences with marketing agencies were not positive, citing weak planning, lack of diligence, and failures to report cost-benefit analysis of marketing efforts.
  • An unfinished website made converting online traffic difficult.

Logic Inbound Project Leads

Evan Fishkin

Logic Inbound Project Manager

Vlad Mkrtumyan

Logic Inbound Lead

Hayk Saakian

Logic Inbound Lead

Hayk Saakian leads the Logic Inbound Ads team with 10+ years of experience in Google Ads.

The Solutions

Logic Inbound worked with Exotic Motors to plan and implement the following:
Urgent intervention on web content 

Content on the website was updated to accurately reflect the services offered, current capacities, and user satisfaction. Images and videos were integrated with content. Landing Pages designed specifically for PPC usage were created.

Conversion tracking

Implemented a system to track scheduled appointments, contact form submissions, and phone calls lasting 60+ seconds.

Pay-Per-Click Campaign

Created for quick results. After comprehensive keyword research and performance forecasts, we set up a PPC campaign that enables us to target searches based on specific repair services and car makes. Bids and budget were driven by actual and target cost per conversion together with ad quality improvements. Reports were generated on a biweekly basis.

Search Engine Optimization

Ongoing long-term project.

PPC Campaign Results

Exotic Motors achieved its short term goals within one month of the campaign: a sufficient number of new clients at acceptable cost as a proven base for sustainable growth.

The Google Search campaign was set up and started on June 23rd.

Graph showing the progress of Exotic Motors' PPC Campaign
The initial Cost per lead in June was acceptable, but less than “conversion a day” was not enough.
Results in the first 14 days demonstrated that we were on the right trajectory: Increased lead conversions and a promising trend with variating Cost per conversion.

We mitigated the likelihood of unqualified leads reaching out by implementing negative keywords, which in turn increased conversions.

Table showing 14 day results of Exotic Motors PPC Campaign
By the second month of the campaign, the campaign was producing – more than a conversion a day at a cost of $42.85 per conversion.
Table showing second month results of Exotic Motors PPC Campaign

How Logic Inbound Can Help You Earn More Business at a Reasonable Price

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