Meet Fingerprint Marketing

Fingerprint Marketing is a top-rated Clutch web design firm located in the Greater Seattle Area with over one hundred website projects under their belt.

The Challenge

Growing a business on one-time revenue is tough. After prospecting, building rapport, closing the deal, onboarding the client, and delivering a fantastic website, Fingerprint marketing had to do it all over again. Every single time, because businesses only refresh their website every 3 – 5 years.

Fortunately, Fingerprint Marketing knew SEO would be a complimentary service and an easy upsell, because their clients had been asking about it for years.

Unfortunately for Fingerprint Marketing, they had to go through 7 other SEO agencies that didn’t deliver before finding Logic Inbound.

The Solution

Logic Inbound gained Fingerprint Marketing’s trust by practicing what we preach. We consume search marketing to generate traffic and leads for ourselves separated us from every search marketing agency Fingerprint had worked with previously. In March 2018, when this case study was published we generated 57,000 organic search visits from 1,700 1st page keywords.

Fingerprint Marketing has white labeled Logic Inbound on dozens of projects over the last two years. Working together has enabled Fingerprint Marketing to generate a consistent, reliable revenue stream that brings dollars in month over month, even when website work is slow. And Fingerprint Marketing’s clients receive a real ROI on their investment in search marketing.