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How a Seattle doctor went from a small clinic to white-listing patients by increasing traffic by 975%.

How Logic Inbound’s PR and conent strategy lead to 150% increased traffic in 2 months.

How split-testing a call-to-action lead to a 1500% increase in conversions for Seattle’s top coworking space.


More, Higher Quality Visitors to Your Practice Website

Just having a website that gets a lot of visitors is not enough. You want a medical practice website that gets visitors interested in your services.


Convert More Visitors to Patients

Our conversion optimization tactics ensure that visitors seeking healthcare services or information on your site become new patients.


Let Your Five-Star Reputation Shine

Your practice’s online reputation will determine how successful it is. We ensure you get the most out of your marketing efforts by bringing up your practice’s online reputation. 

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  • Healthcare consultants

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  • Pharmaceutical
  • National hospital brands
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  • Pharmacies
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How to Supercharge Your Practice And Get Up To 975% More Patients

Logic Inbound reveals in this free eBook the same tools, techniques and strategies they used to help one hormone doctor increase her new patient appointments by 1000%.

Here’s what this 80-page step-by-step blueprint will teach you:

✅ Why you should start using Google search optimization to get more patients

✅ How to get more patient appointments by getting more targeted traffic to your website

✅ The secret to how your competitors are getting more patients through their website

✅ A proven search engine optimization (SEO) strategy that gets your practice website more traffic

✅ How to create content that will increase your reputation and build trust with website visitors (patients)

34 Medical Practice Marketing Tips to Grow Your Practice (2020)

34 Medical Practice Marketing Tips to Grow Your Practice (2020)

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SEO for Doctors: The Complete Roadmap for 975% More Patients

SEO for Doctors: The Complete Roadmap for 975% More Patients

A HubSpot Study[1] indicates 78% of local Google searches result in an offline purchase. In other words, if you are a doctor, capturing more Google searches = more patients. If you think this is the core secret of SEO for doctors - you're wrong. This is the basics of...

How Doctors Can Adapt for COVID-19 – Interview Roundup

How Doctors Can Adapt for COVID-19 – Interview Roundup

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Doctors Reveal The Best Healthcare Marketing Strategy

Doctors Reveal The Best Healthcare Marketing Strategy

Marketing is an ever changing industry, no matter what it’s meant for. And healthcare marketing is no different, even if many practice owners choose to ignore this.   Word of mouth still works very well for most medical practice owners, since healthcare is based...

Healthcare Website Design Trends 2020

Healthcare Website Design Trends 2020

Special thanks to Dr Katie Borchert, Philip Philogene, Natalie MacLees, Paige Arnof-Fenn, and Simon Nowak for sharing their expert advice for this article Healthcare website design isn’t as straightforward as it might seem. Some might assume it’s all about using the...

The Best EMR / EHR Software According to 5 Real Doctors

The Best EMR / EHR Software According to 5 Real Doctors

In basic terms, an EMR/EHR is a computer system that helps healthcare providers manage patient records and automate some clinical processes. EMR (electronic medical records) and EHR (electronic health records) might mean the same and are often used interchangeably,...