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Advanced lead generation for a high-level NYC healthcare network.


“Logic Inbound is a small but mighty team that gracefully acted as an extension of my team and helped us through a time when we were too short staffed to set up our own PPC ads. It was very easy to trust Hayk and his team with our PPC needs because of their technical knowledge and commitment to our success. I would highly recommend Logic Inbound for all your SEO and PPC needs!“

~ Valerie V, Marketing & Patient Engagement Manager at CHNNYC. 


Business Summary


Community Healthcare Network (CHN) is a non-profit organization providing more than 65,000 New Yorkers with primary and behavioral healthcare, dental, nutrition, wellness, and much needed support services. CHN has served low-income and uninsured New Yorkers for over 30 years.

CHNNYC coordinates their efforts across 19 medical practices,  distributed across 13 locations – some locations having multiple practices such as in Bronx, Harlem, Brooklyn, and Queens.

While offering services in English and Spanish language, CHN facilitates honest, transparent communication and seamless coordination of care for each of their services’ users.


According to target audience, Ad spend and Average Cost-Per-Click (CPC) were limited to a lower level than what other types of clinics would allow.

Not counting the relatively low budget, the main challenge was achieving synchronization between internal technical changes and marketing efforts. Website updates, booking system changes, Spanish language pages, particular location and medical practice capacities were driven internally.

Bonus Challenge: Multi-language!

The client had expressed a need for ads in Spanish along with English at a time when Spanish-centered landing pages were still under development.

Our team had communicated with the client to make sure the ads were up to their standards and both sides have set expectations for their respective responsibilities. From the Logic Inbound team it was: keyword research and keyword performance, ad quality and ad performance, grammar accuracy. And on the client side it was the publishing schedule for the landing pages in Spanish language, as well as necessary formatting for those pages that would be optimized for Google Ads performance.



  • The English language ads have been used to advertise four medical practices in the first ten months (July 2022 – April 2023)


During the first three months, campaigns were running with old measurements in Universal Analytics. 


Ads in Spanish started in May 2023 while web pages in Spanish were still in the planning phase. We have synchronized the two soon after the pages were built.


The client’s website was being internally updated throughout September and October 2023. The Call center and Booking system have also went through a modernization process. The campaigns were temporarily paused for a couple of weeks.


Additional organizational changes and pausing dental care campaigns took place in November 2023.


In this Study we’ll also consider results achieved after configuing and switching to a new GA4 tracking system, consolidating the new measurements with the old ones from Universal Analytics (October 2022 – September 2023).


The ad campaigns saw multiple breaks throughout the campaign for various reasons but after the first 2 months of researching and intensive campaign work, we saw a consistently high performance for the rest of the campaign’s lifetime.


Locations served:

  • Tremont
  • South Bronx
  • Williamsburg
  • Crown Heights
  • East New York
  • Harlem
  • Lower East Side
  • Washington Heights
  • Seward Park Campus SBHC
  • Phoenix SBHC
  • Jamaica
  • Sutphin Blvd.
  • Long Island City

Monthly ad budget = $ 920

Campaign timeframe: October 1, 2022 – November 15, 2023

The Logic Inbound PPC team worked meticulously on researching competitors, keywords, and audiences. We used some of our previous experience from this industry to shorten the process and learned a lot of new things along the way thanks to the amazing communication with the client.

We have adjusted the bidding strategy to the budget which was relatively low for the number of locations we were expected to serve with ads. The client was patient with seeing the campaign come together and acquiring the necessary data which was crucial for us to stabilize performance for the long-term.


Adequate targeting per each medical practice (keyword targets and excluded keywords)


Quality assurance process for all ad assets!


Precise location targeting


Budget distribution according to organizational capacities


Relevant audiences observation


All Time Conversion and Cost, monthly

Bar graph showing organic users generated on a website


To increase relevant conversions and get qualified leads, the Logic Inbound team worked closely with the client in the initial phases of the campaign. The resulting feedback guided our strategy and provided us with valuable information regarding the kind of results they are seeing compared to what we are seeing in our monitoring.

October 1, 2022 – November 15, 2023 Conversions and Cost-per-conversion

Area chart showing number of referring domains over time
  • Total Ad spend in this period = $11,410.71
  • Conversions = 843 Avg. CPC = $3.07
  • Cost/conv. = $13.55
  • CTR = 7.25%
  • Conv. rate = 22.65%

Additional Note:

  • The website was being internally updated in September and October 2023. The campaigns were temporarily paused for a couple of weeks. Additional organizational changes and pausing the most successful campaign took place in November 2023.



The most important takeaway from this campaign is that with enough patience, it’s very possible to achieve consistent long-term results when communication with the client is on a high level.

Training the client to take the work in-house has helped them continue the campaign independently, which we are especially proud to have been a part of.

The point of contact was present each week for the weekly reporting and efficient collaboration on calls – That person was dedicated specifically to marketing projects, so they could achieve high focus on (1) learning from us and (2) delivering everything we needed in a timely manner, whether it was confirmation, access, data, or business and niche details.

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