Our Company Values

Here are our company’s values, without them we sincerely believe we won’t succeed. These are the values we already have and represent, but should strive to keep representing daily.


This is our #1 value. We care about our team, our clients, our community and ourselves. We show everyone we care by going out of our way and not just doing what’s required, but ultimately what’s ethical and best overall. We aren’t just here to make a quick buck, but leave a legacy on the world and pave a path for others to make our lives easier. We are the change we want to see. I would say this is the MOST IMPORTANT value, without this value the rest below would be useless.


Without honesty progress would be greatly hampered in all aspects of our business. If we are not honest with our clients, our team and ourselves then ultimately no one will know how to help or truly improve things and we will waste a lot of time. One little lie, might not look like it hurts, but these can compound fast over time leading us down the wrong path.


Things become much easier when we put down our armor, let go of our ego and put ourselves out there even if we think it’ll get us in trouble. It’s ok to fail, failure happens, its ok to admit a mistake, being vulnerable opens us as well as everyone else to new possibilities and helps us grow. The most important thing is how you respond to the mistake not the mistake itself, but learning from it and not repeating it. 


This is our team’s attitude and mindset. We are all willing to persist. Are you pushing yourself out of your comfort zone? Are you taking a stand when it’s easy to give up? If someone says no, do you fold and crumble or get back up and bat again or better yet find a new better bat to score even more points getting rid of the last one? 


Coming up with a way to do more with less, thinking outside of the box, increasing the probability of accomplishing our goals this is what it means to be ingenious. Whether it’s a small idea to improve a process or a completely new paradigm.