How Pure Maintenance North Carolina Gets 2 to 4 Profitable Clients A Day!


Pure Air is a mold removal company based out of North Carolina that uses a patented and revolutionary Dry Fog Technology to ensure complete mold removal faster and cheaper than their competitors. 

Daniel Clay is a serial entrepreneur and who had the vision, and passion to drive Pure Maintenance to the North Carolina region quickly growing the business today.

His campaign is so successful that he is currently hiring for another technician so he can handle even more business.

The main problem that he faced when he contacted us was not getting enough calls even though he paid for other marketing agencies and lead providers such as: Home Advisor and Angie’s. He was unsure of the best way to grow and that’s when he stumbled upon Cody from Pure Maintenance Arizona who was getting great success with Logic Inbound.



After speaking with the team we determine that the fastest way to get Daniel the results he needed was through an optimized tried and true PPC campaign.

Logic inbound started with Pure Air on July 5th 2022

Growing fast out of the gates Daniel earns AT LEAST 1 qualified lead a day 90 days later.

“(Logic Inbound) is better than Angie’s or Home Advisor because people actually go on my website. What I love about Logic Inbound is they don’t only bring quantity, but also quality clients that convert.” – Daniel

The campaign is so successful that not only does Daniel have to hire another team member, he’s also excited about increasing his ad spend. 

“I highly recommend anyone give them a try because if they work anything like it did for me you’ll see success.” – Daniel Clay

Watch as the cost per lead line (blue) goes does and the conversions (red) increases, this is just one 30 day period


Today Daniel’s location generates 2 to 4 calls a day and we’re planning on growing his lead flow even more!

Can we help you? It depends on the factors below:

1) Local laws and regulations 

2) The market size of your service area

3) Budget Spend in proportion to your competitors

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