Logic Inbound is an SEO and Marketing Agency that has made a massive impact to its fellow vendors, partners and customers. Find out about how we have grown quickly below. As always we look forward to your feedback since we know this document can be improved. 

Overall our #1 value is Care. This is how we’ve built our business through experience and what gives us joy. Referrals are our number 1 source of business and people give them to us because they know we will go out of our way to take care of everyone we get introduced to.

Let me know what I can do for you. This concerns not only direct business goals, but indirect or out of the box business ideas too! We’re always looking to improve however we can. We Businesses were created to support people and give value, that’s what we strive to do.

We’re very community driven. Being Community driven means taking care of every relationship new and old in our network as much as possible. 

We have 2 models we use to build up our business

Free Partner Models – Caring helps build a great reputation; it’s why collaborating with the community is what we love to do!

    1. Podcast Interviews 
    2. Joint Blog Posts – Strategic Partner Interviews
    3. Free Office Hours 
    4. Trading Work For Testimonials
    5. Relationship Building Introductions 
    6. Strategy / Feedback Session
    7. Referral Agreements
    8. White Label Partnerships
    9. Create Mutual Business Material
    10. Always open to other collaboration ideas!

Paid Models – Because businesses aren’t all the same we custom price everything

  1. Buy Our Ebook on Amazon – $19.99 
  2. Direct Website Posts (with 1 hour strategy consultation) – $200
  3. Custom SEO Education – $600 – Bundled 3 hours of custom training
  4. Hourly Consulting – $215 – Business consulting and custom SEO strategies/tips
  5. SEO Short Term Projects – $1000 and up 
  6. Monthly SEO Mutual work – $1500 and up (Minimum of 3 hours of SEO training needed)
  7. Monthly Services – $3,000 to $11,200 to  (so far, we won’t say no to higher prices)