Innovative Men’s Clinic is a team of experienced doctors and licensed physicians offering hormone replacement therapy and weight loss services focused specifically on women’s sexual health and aging needs. They are a brand extension created by Innovative Men’s Clinic to explore a new market vertical. Innovative Men’s Clinic is the second largest Men’s clinic brand in the Seattle region with 5 locations.

Key positive outcomes:

Ranking distribution chart for Innovative Men's Clinic

  • New users from organic traffic for the Innovative Women’s Clinic brand rose from nearly zero to an average of six to ten new appointments per week.
  • Took a completely new brand from zero to high profitability using entirely SEO
  • Six search keyword variations ranking on the first page of Google in only six months

What did Logic Inbound do?

Innovative Men’s Clinic is a longtime client of Logic Inbound. In December of 2016, they decided to expand into providing hormone therapy and weight loss treatments for women through the Innovative Women’s Clinic brand.

“With my business, giving the client the opportunity to make maximum profit is what my goal is. When Logic Inbound came in to work with Innovative Men’s Clinic, they established a baseline that allowed us to start measuring things to say we’re moving forward or backward. Unless you can measure what your baseline is, you’re lost.”  – Dave Biehn, Marketing Manager at Innovative Men’s Clinic and Innovative Women’s Clinic

Innovative Men’s Clinic was so satisfied with their previous results that they asked Logic Inbound to apply SEO tactics to the new Innovative Women’s Clinic. In only six months and through SEO tactics alone, Logic Inbound grew Innovative Women’s Clinic from zero traffic into a highly profitable new vertical with six to ten new appointments per week. This demonstrates the raw power of SEO for increasing profits in the health clinic business.

Innovative Men’s Clinic trusted Logic Inbound to drive this new brand into profitability entirely through SEO because of their history of powerful results. Prior to working with Logic Inbound, Innovative Men’s Clinic’s digital effort was disorganized and ineffective by their own admission. It lacked any particular strategic direction and was impossible to measure. Logic Inbound stepped in and brought an analytical focus to their marketing plan. Many modern consumers seeking medical help or advice turn to Google, so driving as much of that traffic as possible to Innovative Men’s Clinic was critical to growing their revenue.

I can call Logic Inbound any time, seven days a week, to get answers and help me with email marketing, with SEO. It is a great relationship because it is small and responsive. – Dave Biehn, Marketing Manager at Innovative Men’s Clinic and Innovative Women’s Clinic

Before Logic Inbound’s marketing techniques, 20-30% of appointments were no-shows. By focusing on organic SEO-driven traffic, Logic Inbound brought in higher quality leads with more interest and intent to actually show up. Innovative Men’s Clinic’s cancellations from SEO traffic dropped to nearly zero. Through a combination of SEO, paid search marketing, email marketing, conversion rate optimization, and strategic retargeting, Logic Inbound was able to raise their profile in the Seattle area and dramatically increase profitability.

Keywords Targeted and Where They Rank on the First Page of Google Within 6 Months:

  • 1st: Weight Loss Clinic Seattle Phentermine
  • 6th: Seattle Medical Weight Loss Clinic
  • 7th: Bellevue Medical Weight Loss Clinic
  • 7th: Seattle Women’s Weight Loss
  • 8th: Lynnwood Weight Loss Clinic
  • 10th: Bellevue Women’s Weight Loss

Keyword Strategy

Innovative Women’s Clinic is a local healthcare business that can expect most of their customers to come from the surrounding area. As a result, geographically focused keywords are most likely to convert the searcher into a paying customer. People who search regional keywords for a medical service are often already interested in paying for it and are simply determining their available options.


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