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Hit your goals consistently and get the highest possible ROI by targeting qualified leads with Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads.

As digital marketing savants specializing in paid search strategies, Logic Inbound is home to a team that excels in Google Ads strategies for all types of businesses, from local to e-commerce. 

Some of the niches and industries we have had massive success with are the healthcare industry, restoration and mold removal, automotive industry, but also local landscaping and tailor shop businesses. If your potential customers are using Google to search for your products and services, then Google Ads is the right lead acquisition channel to accelerate your growth.


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Our top success indicator is the growth of your business

We use extensive marketing industry experience to drive high performing, long-lasting campaigns that keep getting better over time. Google Ads allows you to be visible to leads who may not find your site through organic search or maybe aren’t using social media. Logic Inbound stands as the premier Google Ads Partner company for delivering fast results to highly-motivated business owners.

Get answers to commonly asked questions about Google Ads


Here you will learn how your business can benefit from PPC marketing, and what you need to know before proceeding to sign up for our services!

What should you do if you already have a Google Ads account?

Many of our clients come after having bad experiences or inadequate results with other PPC vendors. That is not only OK, it is most likely useful for us! This is why we have all the necessary processes to extract the maximum value from your previous campaigns, and use it to accelerate the creation of our optimized Google Ads campaigns.

Improper account-level setups will be registered and fixed by our team, so you don’t have to worry about any errors prior to signing up with us. Once we find errors, we will communicate and implement the necessary fixes, and elaborate what kind of an impact this will have on your campaigns.

Existing Google Ads Campaign Optimization Services:

  • PPC Audit Click Here and apply for a Google Ads account audit
  • Account-level review and optimizations.
  • Extracting necessary historical data.
  • Applying proven strategies to optimize existing campaigns and improve cost-per-click AND user engagement.

Why is Pay-Per-Click advertising faster than organic acquisition?

Simply put, paid ads are a shortcut to “going viral”. No new website can easily start ranking “organically” on Google for highly-competitive queries. It is the job of SEO experts (did we mention we are SEO experts as well?) to help site owners manage their websites in a way that slowly builds relevance and authority. All the while maintaining good user experience and technical aspects of the website. This takes a lot of time. 

Conversely, paid Search ads appear in the part of Google that is seemingly close but in reality completely separate from the organic results. In case you didn’t know, this is how Google makes money. Pay for ads and show up on the top very quickly. It really is that simple.

Why is keyword research necessary and how is it done?

Simply put, keyword research is done to find high-value search queries that your competitors are bidding for, as well as hidden gems that we discover during the course of our campaign, but that other competitors might have missed. We use these keywords to craft ad copy, optimize landing page copy, and drive down the cost per click for each ad.

What are negative keywords and why should we track them?

Think of it this way. Target keywords are the ones we want to show ads for. They are found in queries of your qualified leads when they search for your services on Google. However, the more precise the keyword targeting, the more narrow the customer pool, and the more expensive the ads. This is because the cost of clicks is driven by the market, i.e. your competitors. 

So, to drive costs down, we might use more broader keywords, for example. But Google can get too loose when showing broader keywords, and end up showing your ads to people who aren’t supposed to see them. Clicks from these users can cost you lots of money without bringing in any profit. Negative keywords are there to act as a filter. We do not want our ads to show to everyone Google “deems relevant”. We want more control over who sees your ads and who should not see your ads. This is the power of negative keywords.

How can I claim my $500 ad budget promotion?

If you make a fresh account and spend $500 as ad spend with Google Ads, you are eligible for a bonus of $500 to spend on more ads. To learn more about these promotions and stay up-to-date, contact us today and read up on Google’s own support site.

How does Logic Inbound Empower You?

Expert Management Services

Logic Inbound offers expert management services with tailored strategies to optimize your Google Ads campaign. Our experienced search ads team monitors performance and makes ongoing adjustments for optimal results.

Google Guaranteed Badge

Logic Inbound can provide assistance in obtaining the Google Guaranteed badge. This badge is given to businesses that have gone through background checks and represent the most trusted companies. 

Why Choose Logic Inbound

Experienced Search Ads Team

With a proven track record, Logic Inbound brings extensive experience and expertise, ensuring your Google Ads campaign performs well.

Transparent Cost-Per-Lead Metrics

Logic Inbound provides transparent insights into your cost-per-lead metrics, allowing you to make informed decisions about your advertising budget.

Custom Solutions and Campaigns

Every single client we work with is evaluated and presented with a unique, custom-tailored campaign that best fits the business and their audience. Furthermore, our marketing specialists provide expert support throughout the project, enabling us to polish and improve strategies with flexibility along the way.

Vlad Mkrtumyan

CEO @ Logic Inbound

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What to expect from our Google Ads Management Team 

1. Thorough Keyword Research & Targeting Optimization

2. Landing Page Optimization – crucial for Google Ads

3. Regular meetings to discuss Reports & Tracking

4. Bidding adjustments and finding negative keywords

5. Long-Term campaign maintenance and competitor tracking 

Clear And Transparent Reports

Detailed reporting and KPI tracking specifically tailored for each client.

We understand the importance of communication and reporting. We have an incentive to prove that our campaigns are working as intended, and that you can directly attribute your new leads to the PPC channel we are managing. To do this, we use Google Analytics as well, and set up conversion tracking in a way that makes it clear where customers are coming from, and even how long a phone call must last in order to be counted as a conversion. 

Transparency is one of our company values and we stand by our reporting expertise!

Pay Per Click Campaign Client Successes

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