SEO in Chicago

What is SEO?

SEO, or search engine optimization, increases your visibility on Google and gets your website to the top of search rankings. This is important whether you’re located in Chicago or anywhere else in the country. Google searches aren’t confined to just the city where your business is located. People all over the country might be trying to find your products and services, but if your website doesn’t have good SEO they will never realize it. SEO means you get on that crucial first page of Google search results and reach as many people as possible.


However, SEO is also local. There are likely people searching for not just your products, but your products in your city. An example query could be “Chicago bike shop.” Such a query shows not just that this person wants to buy a bike, but that they want to buy one locally. If you show up prominently in their search results, they will be more likely to check out your store as well as your website.

But you will also want to make sure you show up earlier in the search process. Someone who is already searching for stores has already made a few crucial decisions. What if you could capture their attention earlier in the buying process? With our years of SEO experience, we’ve seen that people start their buying process with terms like “steel frame bike v. aluminum frame.” Our goal is to direct that traffic to your website so that people are thinking about you as early as possible. These early stages are also where you will get the most traffic. While “Chicago bike shop” is a very specific query that means someone is about to make a purchase, “best bike frames” is more general and allows you to capture a much broader audience of potential customers.

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Our approach as a Chicago SEO agency

Trying to manage SEO on your own can be daunting. A simple search about SEO might tell you there are dozens or even hundreds of metrics to try to optimize for. This understandably overwhelms many people and makes them give up on SEO before they’ve even begun.

That’s where we come in. We understand the needs of SEO clients in Chicago and throughout the country. We know the four or five metrics that are the most important to focus on and will give you the biggest return on your SEO investment. We work with a wide range of industries located both inside and outside of Seattle and the common thread we’ve found is that we get the best results by focusing on:

  • Research
  • Site Structure
  • Authority
  • Relevance
  • Content


People don’t always search Google the way you’d expect them to. Our research considers the human element when trying to figure out how people might search for your products and services. We understand that even a small change can have a huge impact. The number of people searching for “Chicago SEO” might be thousands while the number searching for “Chicago SEO company” could be far, far fewer. This distinction in phrasing appears subtle, but could mean the difference between a dozen people visiting your website and thousands.

Site Structure

Google puts more emphasis on your website’s structure than you might assume. Site structure certainly isn’t the first thing most people think of when they think about improving SEO. However, having a well-structured website can result in a much higher ranking in Google. Good site structure includes things like lists and tables that make it easier for people to navigate your website.

It is hard to look at your own website with fresh eyes and identify places where the structure can improve. That’s where we can help. We understand how structure affects SEO and can identify the places where your website can be tuned up in order to rank higher in searches.


We have a number of strategies when it comes to building your authority. In terms of SEO, Google prefers websites that have authority. It determines this by looking at what kinds of websites your site links back to and gets linked by. Websites with authority that connect to yours help you build authority. Our authority-building strategies will show Google that your website is a strong source of information for customers looking for products and services that you offer.


Google ranks websites highest when they are relevant to certain search terms. When someone searches for “Chicago bike shop,” for example, Google aims to show them only the most relevant websites for buying a bike in Chicago on the first page.

To get your own website onto the first page, we improve its relevance by creating pages that are focused on targeted keywords. Google actually searches for pages, not entire websites. With that in mind, and with deep research into the most searched for keywords related to your website, we create high-quality content pages that make you rank highly for relevance.


Content is key. Even if you have all these other metrics optimized, without great content you can’t rank well in Google. At Logic Inbound, we understand this and create the type of content that can improve your ranking in searches. Just take a look at our own website. Our “contact Instagram support” page outranks Instagram’s own support page because our content is better.

Content ties in with all the other metrics described here as well. For example, the content needs to be well-structured, with lists and links. It also has to be relevant and authoritative, speaking knowledgeably about the topic at hand. If our “contact Instagram support” article wasn’t genuinely useful for people searching for help contacting Instagram support, it would not rank as highly as it does. That’s why we pride ourselves on creating great content that not only improves SEO but also appeals to the users searching for it.

Why we are the best Chicago SEO company

Still not convinced? Here’s just a few of the reasons we are the best Chicago SEO company:

  • We work with some of the country’s most innovative brands, including the shared workspace provider ATLAS WorkBase
  • Our clients include major brands, like, the company that makes the bubble mailer for Amazon
  • Our own site is ranked is on the first page of Google for more than 300 keywords
  • We see over 5,000 visits a week from Google thanks to the SEO strategies we’ve applied to our own website (and will apply to yours as well!)

SEO Agency vs. SEO Consultant:

In your search for better SEO, you will probably come across many consultants offering their services. We aren’t consultants; we’re a full service agency. That makes a big difference. Where an SEO consultant is a single person trying to take on SEO entirely on their own, an SEO agency is a team working together and collaborating to produce the best results possible. Often, consultants aim to later become agencies, but must grow first. We’ve already achieved this growth, expanding our team and client list by offering outstanding SEO results.

Plus, where an SEO consultant will be a single point of failure, as an agency we can offer layers of accountability to ensure we’re always producing a phenomenal product. We also have more bandwidth than individual consultants and can collaborate in ways consultants can’t. Teamwork is our strength and you’ll see that when you experience better search results and higher site traffic.

SEO Consulting vs. SEO Implementation

We have two ways of working with clients: consulting and implementation. Some clients only want an SEO consultation, but many prefer to also have us implement the strategies we identify during a consultation.

SEO Consulting

When we do SEO consulting for your Chicago-based business, we will look up keywords, investigate your site structure and research how to improve authority, relevance and content on your website. Our expertise and research will then be all yours to use however you wish. We can identify the keywords you should target, the content you might want to create or improve, and the pages on your website that could have better structure.

Many clients choose this option when they have in-house content and web producers who can do the implementation for them. Businesses with bandwidth for content creation and website updates can still benefit from our knowledge and years of experience in SEO.

SEO Implementation

Implementation takes the burden off of you after the consultation is over. We will do everything we’d normally do for a consultation, then implement the strategies we discuss. You won’t have to do any of the work to get your website ranking higher in Google; just sit back and watch your ranking and site traffic improve. As an SEO agency, we not only have the knowledge to research how to improve SEO, but the staff to create content and update website structure.

Our clients love this option because it takes all the stress and work out of improving their SEO. They don’t have to do anything but continue running their business. We understand how much work it is to continue running your business and want you to feel like your SEO strategy is effortless. Busy clients who don’t want to worry about doing all the legwork of updating pages and creating content love when we can implement an SEO strategy for them.

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