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As an agency, you are your client’s trusted adviser.

You develop a strategy and execute on powerful marketing functions that drive actual revenue and results.

You’re always looking for new ways to add value and build that client-agency relationship.

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“I’ve tried working with probably 7 different SEO companies at this point. Some of them were better than others, but none were in the same league as Logic Inbound”
Pia Larson, Owner of Fingerprint Marketing


Search engine optimization services can drive incredible traffic and income for many businesses.

The problem is that employing in-house SEO consultants carries a high cost burden, which eats into your margins significantly.

By partnering with Logic Inbound to provide white-label SEO for your clients, you can quickly increase your own monthly revenue per client while also adding meaningful value.

Get in touch with us to see how we can work together.



Bundling SEO on your core services can quickly and significantly increase the value of your customer relationships. A partnership with Logic Inbound provides you with a fixed, predictable revenue stream.


Logic Inbound takes away all the complexity and risk of staffing your business with in-house SEO consultants. We simply provide you with a fixed, predictable cost structure to deliver SEO services. This increases your revenue without increasing employee count or bookkeeping.


Every customer interaction and deliverable can be branded through your company. We provide marketing campaigns, jump on the phone with your customer, create custom videos analyzing your customer’s website and more, without any mention of Logic Inbound.


We have a consistent track record of generating considerable increases in Google search rank. This will drive new business for your client and further justify marketing dollars.

What Our Partnership Can Do For You, By The Numbers

Average MSRP of Monthly Recurring Revenue


Average Partner Bundles SEO to 35% of Clients


Partner Discount Starts at 20% and Increases with Volume

“I can call Logic Inbound any time, seven days a week, to get answers and for help with email marketing or with SEO. It’s a great relationship because it’s responsive.”
Dave Biehn, Founder of Dave Biehn Marketing




We learn about your business. We have a wide range of marketing products. Some might fit your client base better than others. A phone call should do the trick.


Let us demonstrate our services to you the same way that we would to a client directly. This will give you a good idea of how we will present services to your clients.


Once you are confident that we can deliver, let’s get on a call with a client whom you think would most benefit from our expertise. We’ll act as your specialist.


Once the project is closed, we’ll take it from there. We can gather information from you or directly from the client to start the project. Any interaction will be under your branding.

‘What is White Label SEO

White label SEO is a service offering that gives businesses the ability to offer SEO services to their clients as a value add, despite not having an in-house team that specializes in SEO. 

Logic Inbound, however, takes white label SEO to the next level. We provide top notch SEO services, but we also position ourselves as business partners. Throughout our partnership, our deliverables, reports and personnel will maintain appearances as representative of your company in all client-facing matters.


We can not only help you with account management, but also sales as we can take on the responsibility of drafting audits and proposals for your clients who may be interested in SEO.


We can even go on sales calls with you to help close deals and offer technical consulting.. 

Partner with Logic Inbound for SEO

SEO Reseller vs SEO Partner

An SEO reseller can help you provide SEO services to clients that might need them. It provides a great opportunity for your business to expand its service portfolio without the need to train an additional team. 

An SEO partner on the other hand is like having your own full service SEO division, that not only helps with SEO work, but also in closing new SEO deals and upsell opportunities with existing clients. An SEO partner wants to grow your business as part of a symbiotic relationship.

The more SEO clients you have, the more you and your SEO partner benefit. It’s a win-win.

Client Account Management

Logic Inbound has managed over 100 SEO clients since its inception. We have dedicated account managers who will be happy to take over account management from you as far as SEO-related meetings and communications are concerned.

 We believe in providing a holistic SEO solution where not only SEO work gets done, but clients are happy with excellent customer service that our account management provides.

Close Deals with Our Expert Knowledge and Analyses

At Logic Inbound we don’t offer cookie cutter marketing plans or packages. Every project that we take on is first custom scoped in a process called ‘Initial Findings’.

Learn more about our complete sales process in the Sales section.

Why You Should Outsource Your SEO to Us

Focus On Your Core Business Offerings

With SEO taken care of by our inhouse team of experts, you are free to focus on your business’ strengths. SEO training and knowledge takes a long time to get right, and with Logic Inbound as a partner you don’t have to worry about that. 

 Our team is constantly evolving its SEO skillset, so you can be sure you are in good hands. 

 Marketing and web development companies have proven to be excellent partners, so if you’re in one of these domains our skills will complement your business offerings even better.

Scale Without Hiring or Training New Team Members

Developing SEO processes and skills in-house takes a lot of time and capital. SEO tools for example tend to be very expensive, since the ROI on successful SEO campaigns is high.

 One thing to note about SEO is that it has a very low barrier to entry, so many businesses mistakenly assume that they can just start an SEO department without much hassle.

Even the basics of SEO (on-page optimization, link building) require a lot of knowledge and experience to get right. 

But with Logic Inbound as your SEO team, you don’t have to fret about any of this. Scale your business and provide additional value to your clients without investing too much upfront.

We Have the Full Suite of Expensive SEO Tools

Holistic SEO requires a vast array of tools, ranging from keyword research tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush, to technical tools like Deepcrawl and Screaming Frog.

For SMBs especially, a full suite of SEO tools can be an expensive overhead. With Logic Inbound as your partner you avoid this cost completely.

We have access to cutting edge SEO tools, and have even developed custom inhouse tools to cover niche SEO use cases where commercially available tools don’t quite cut it.

Provide Additional Value / Upsell to Existing Clients

Client acquisition is very expensive. It is commonly known that customer retention is less costly and has the perk of building brand loyalty and reputation. 

One way to increase retention among existing clients is to offer them continuing value for working with you. One value add can be offering something new which helps their business grow. 

 SEO is definitely up there with one of the highest ROI methods of inbound marketing. 

 We at Logic Inbound make it a mission to help our white label partners upsell ROI-driven SEO services to existing clients. 

Pricing and Discounts for White Label Partners

We offer discounted agency rates to white label partners. We understand that our SEO partners can be a recurring source of new clients and our discounted pricing incentivizes them to keep working with us.

To help our white label partners, we’ll give them a price they’ll be happy to pay and will have enough room to be marked up where their clients will still see significant value. 

Some agencies have marked up our prices 100% while still delivering value to clients. 

Please get in touch with us about our white label rates. 

Referral Bonuses 

Even if you’re not a business but can refer new clients our way, we pay a handsome commission along with bonuses that occur throughout the lifetime of the referral.

Our Sales Process for White Label Clients

All our clients are provided with custom scopes and campaigns, tailored to the exact needs and requirements of their business.

Intro Call

Our sales process begins with an intro call with leads to get to know their business and pain points better. Our sales people fervently ask questions and note down every detail in a document, which is then passed onto an experienced SEO to perform an ‘initial findings on’.

Initial Findings (Analysis / Audit)

Initial Findings is Logic Inbound’s system of auditing a client’s website and industry to find strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT).

Content Analysis

 We start by doing a content analysis, since we strongly believe that content is the core building block of SEO. No matter how many backlinks you have, if you have weak content, your website will likely not succeed.

We also analyze a couple of keywords that our client wants to rank for (this info is gathered from the intro call) and what needs to be done for that to happen.

Finally, we do a page analysis of existing web pages on the client’s website. We look for any systemic / sitewide issues (such as missing H1s, meta descriptions, noindex issues) as these usually make for quick wins.

Backlinks Analysis

Next up, we do a bank analysis of the client’s website. We compare it to the top competitors in the space and gauge whether backlinks are necessary for better rankings or not.

Technical Analysis

In recent years the technical health and user experience of a website has gotten very important in the overall rankings ‘score’. We check for common issues such as slow page speed, missing canonical tags, unintuitive navigation and so on.

We also perform a crawl of the website to see if there are any redirect or server issues affecting the site.

Competitor Analysis

In all of the above 3 areas of analysis we’ve mentioned, we include comparisons to the top competitors in the client’s industry / search space. 

Competitor analysis helps us gauge how close / far the client is from reaching their search goals.  

Audit Call

Empowered by the Initial Findings, our experienced sales professionals engage with the client again for an audit call. During the call, we walk the client through the Initial Findings and explain everything in it. 

If the client likes the findings and budget / scope of work presented to them, they go ahead and ask us to send them a proposal.

How to Choose a Good White Label SEO Company

Ask for Past Deliverables

The core strength of any white label SEO company should be solid understanding and delivery of SEO. One way of auditing a white label SEO company is to ask them for past deliverables of common tasks like keyword research, written blog post / landing page content, content outlines and so on. 

With deliverables you can judge the quality of work the company can deliver and whether it’s a good fit for you. 

At Logic Inbound, we include sample deliverables of every kind of work that gets put in a client proposal.

Clutch Reviews

Clutch reviews are a great way to gauge client satisfaction with a white label company. If the company doesn’t have a 5-star Clutch profile, look at what the disgruntled clients have to say, as the same could happen to you.

Client References / Testimonials

This goes without saying, but solid client testimonials go a long way to show that a company is trustworthy and competent. For white label partnerships, we recommend asking for white label client references as white labeling is a whole different game compared to just doing regular SEO work.

Case Studies

Good companies publish case studies. Better companies publish lots of them to show diversity of work.  

Logic Inbound’s White Label SEO Services

Logic Inbound specializes in a variety of high impact search engine optimization and digital marketing services to bolster your clients’ projects for long-term success.  

We use a data-driven approach to plan strategies for each campaign so that everything we do represents meaningful improvements that achieve results.

Initial Findings / Custom Website Audit

Research and fact-finding are the foundation for every website project we touch. We use a unique evaluation process (“Initial Findings”) to deliver thorough, clearly prioritized feedback about a client’s website along with a summary of highlights and suggestions. 

Unlike most SEO agencies, we don’t just run websites through an automated tool and present the output. Every single Initial Findings summary and custom website audit we do is manually curated by one of our highly experienced SEO specialists. 

Our unique, custom approach to site reviews is especially beneficial to our Whitelabel partners because we can collaborate on the final deliverables and tweak them to align with your usual reporting methods. This way, you’re not wasting time trying to convert an outsourced report to the format your clients expect from you and your brand.

Keyword Research with Groupings & Monthly Search Volume (MSV)

Keyword research and targeting is crucial for a solid foundation and establishing clear direction on any SEO campaign. The keyword targets chosen during this initial phase of research will determine the topics, terms and pages we pursue for rankings on the first page of Google. This can be a daunting task – especially for larger websites.  

Keyword research can be tricky for many reasons such as:

  • The client has a huge list of keywords they want to go after (often too many)
  • The website has a ton of pages and / or a diverse array of topics they cover
  • Competitors don’t seem to have the same keyword targets despite being in the same industry and covering similar topics
  • You aren’t sure if you need multiple different pages to rank for similar keywords
  • It’s hard to decide which keywords to cut from a larger list when refining the focus
  • Difficulty balancing between “easier” keyword difficulty and high monthly search volume 
  • Determining if you should pursue highly relevant keywords with low search volume
  • Being thorough is time consuming (for example, making sure you are considering ALL possible keyword options like parent topics, questions and answers, long tail keywords)
  • New websites are harder to rank, meaning keyword targeting is more difficult
  • Uncertainty on how to handle keywords that don’t yet have any data on the web  (such as new innovations, original products and as yet unknown brand names).


Perhaps one of the more challenging aspects of keyword research (and costly if not done efficiently) is figuring out whether you need multiple pages to rank for a handful of seemingly similar keywords and variations of them. We call this ‘keyword grouping’. Many agencies and business owners will often choose to just build a page for all their target keywords rather than wade through the meticulous process of keyword grouping.


Fortunately, we have a cutting edge solution that empowers us to quickly and efficiently sort even the largest keyword lists into groups of similar keywords as Google sees them. There are tremendous advantages to knowing exactly which keywords need their own landing pages to rank on Google – first and foremost being huge cost savings and fewer man-hours wasted. 


If you or your clients are dreading the arduous process of keyword research and targeting, let us handle it, we’re happy to do it and you’ll be happy with the results.

On-page Search Engine Optimization

The best way to send signals to Google about a website’s topics, intent and value is through on-page optimization. The keyword targets we pursue will always be tied to a relevant landing page or blog post on the website. 


We can improve the rankings on pages and posts for their target keywords by bolstering the on-page SEO through a variety of actions – including but not limited to:


  • Updating and optimizing the Title Tag and Meta Description tag
  • Optimizing content and making sure keyword density is balanced
  • Optimizing the heading tags (H1, H2s, etc)
  • Adding optimized captions to images
  • Infusing schema markup and structured data


Most of the foundational aspects of a good SEO campaign rely on solid on-page optimization during the early stages. We will continually assess the rankings traction for each optimized page we touch and react accordingly. 

Local Citations & Link Building

Another critical component of a successful SEO campaign is “off-page optimization”, which usually means building links. Backlinks to a website are considered one of the most important ranking signals we can leverage. 

Because getting good quality, relevant backlinks isn’t as easy of a task as other methods of SEO such as on-page updates, they represent a much higher value for Google’s determination of a website’s authority and ranking potential.

For websites with a more localized or regional reach, there is another approach to link building we can leverage – Local Citations. The most common examples of these include sites like Yellowbook, Hotfrog and Brownbook. There are many more, however, and some citation sites fall into specific categories that may be relevant to the client website (such as directories that only include doctors, for example). 

We understand how important Link Building and Local Citations are to every client campaign and we have the tools and the team to implement off-page SEO strategies efficiently..

Google Maps Optimization & Google Business Profile Posts

Google Maps is a major opportunity for boosting exposure and online presence not just for all businesses on the web, but especially for Local SEO clients. 

Logic Inbound has decades of combined experience in local search engine optimization strategies and leveraging Google Maps and Google Business Profiles (formerly called “Google My Business”). Thanks to Google’s continued upgrades to the Google Business Profiles platform, there are now more ways than ever to reach customers and engage with them.

Not only can we expertly handle all of the configurations and optimization for your Google Maps listing, we know how to bolster all the services and opportunities offered through the service such as Posts, Product & Service features, Customer Reviews and more.

Content Creation for Landing Pages and Blog Posts

Content creation is no small task when writing unique, highly optimized copy for landing pages, blog articles and product or service descriptions. We follow standard best practices for high quality writing and infuse our keyword research, technical expertise and competitor analysis to produce original content that represents both value to the visitor and ranking signals to Google.

As with any content writing project, we start with a Content outline and an SEO outline, both which are data-driven and focused on a strategy to grow traffic and conversions to the page.

Our writing team works hand-in-hand with our SEO specialists to ensure top notch quality and optimization. We’re also happy to work with client-side teams and go through any amount of rigorous quality assurance, approvals and revisions processes required to make sure only the best, highest-impact content gets published to the live website or blog.

White Label SEO Frequently Asked Questions

What is a white label SEO reseller?

A White Label SEO Reseller is a person or a company that provides SEO services to your clients anonymously (so that you can brand the services under or your own business). But the reseller is more of a broker, because they are essentially reselling another agency’s SEO services to you rather than doing the work themselves. 

Logic Inbound is not a white label SEO reseller, because we provide everything directly to our white label partners and all of our work is completed by our own professional SEO experts. It is almost always preferable to work with a white label SEO partner as opposed to a reseller.

We put together a small list of some of the drawbacks of working with a reseller:

  • Communication, help and support are lacking because the relationship with the reseller ends once you’ve purchased the services. They often steer you over to the actual SEO vendor for help instead of handling issues promptly themselves.
  • No collaboration whatsoever with the person or team actually handling the SEO. Usually you end up with cookie-cutter, low effort deliverables.
  • No opportunity for networking, training, mutually beneficial relationships
  • No customized strategy planning. Usually you will provide a reseller with keyword targets and your domain name and that’s about the extent of tactical campaign planning you get.
  • Very limited data tracking and reporting, and even more limited recourse for getting what you paid for if the results aren’t up to expectations.


What is white label digital marketing?

The marketing industry is vast and there is a wide variety of potential methods for providing marketing services. Most marketing companies aren’t able to provide every digital marketing service a client may want or need. That’s where white label digital marketing comes in. 

Sometimes in order to provide a client with the best possible service, a marketing agency may hire a third party vendor to provide specialized services. With a white label partner, however, the client is never aware of this. Instead, the marketing agency re-brands the third party’s work as their own, hence the term “White Label”.

The same practice is common in the retail industry, where many pallets of a packaged product of the same type may all start with white labels, but upon distribution, the labels are covered with new ones bearing the brand imagery of the retailer. 

What is white label SEO?

White label SEO involves the same rebranding and third-party fulfillment as with the digital marketing white label method described above, but the service being provided is strictly SEO (Search Engine Optimization). 

SEO is a more commonly white-labeled service because it’s a unique and constantly-changing aspect of a larger digital marketing campaign. Many marketing agencies simply don’t have the ability to fulfill the great many moving pieces that go into a robust digital marketing machine. 

For example, if you are already doing social media, print marketing, YouTube marketing, radio, TV and email marketing for multiple clients, you may not also have the bandwidth to do SEO, pay per click advertising, etc.

But rather than miss out on that business, you could  hire a white label SEO agency and still deliver those services, while sourcing them out to another company that’s better equipped to fulfill them successfully.

What does ‘white label’ mean in marketing?

White label in marketing terms means that one marketing agency is using another company’s services but brands them under its own name. The term comes from the commonplace practice in retail where blank or “white” labels are reprinted with various company brands for distribution to consumers.

What is a white label SEO dashboard?

A white label SEO dashboard is a software tool (usually web-based) that helps white label partners manage SEO clients collaboratively. Some dashboards serve specific purposes such as reporting, strategy planning or project maintenance. Others might be more robust, offering a full suite of tools on one platform.

Some popular SEO Dashboard tools include Agency Analytics, Google Data Studio and SEMRush. Not only are these types of collaborative SEO tools integral for white label SEO partners to maintain visibility on client projects, but they also offer an extra layer of communication by providing ways to post comments, notes and updates within the various reporting and project planning systems

What is a white label partner?

A white label partner is distinct from white label resellers because a white label partner establishes an ongoing relationship with the agency that hired them. A white label reseller provides services to another company that, in turn, delivers those services to their clients with branding and labeling of their own and that’s where the interaction usually ends for resellers.

On the other hand, a white label partner such as Logic Inbound establishes partnerships with the marketing companies that hire us. There are tremendous advantages to a white label partnership over simply buying services from resellers. 

Partners operate with common goals and shared information. At Logic Inbound, our white label partnership program seeks to build a mutually beneficial engagement with the agencies and marketing professionals we provide SEO services for. This relationship empowers us to get to know the partner’s own business and for them to get to know ours.

With the structure of an ongoing white label partnership, all parties share successes, trust and understanding that could never be achieved with simply purchasing pre-packaged services with no additional interaction. Instead, we get a chance to learn how our partner companies prefer to serve their clients, and we get to know their preferred industries.

Furthermore, with a white label partner, you can more confidently sell services to new and existing clients that you might otherwise be uncertain about delivering. Just knowing that you have a fully capable, transparent and dependable partner in your corner means you no longer have to turn away lucrative opportunities and new clients because their needs fall outside of your company’s scope. 

How much should I mark up white label SEO services?

How much you should mark up your white label SEO services when invoicing your client is largely dependent on a variety of factors but we recommend adding margins of 20%-30%. 

The beauty of this, however, is that you can be flexible with the pricing and margins for your business because you only have one cost to factor into your formula: The price you’re paying to the white label partner for the SEO service.

Because your white label partner handles everything for you, that means you’re not factoring in man-hours, subscriptions for premium tools, technical consulting, research time and all of the other costs usually associated with the day to day services you provide. 

You’re also usually going to pay less for white label services if you choose to work with a white label partner (such as Logic Inbound) instead of a reseller. You can get these reduced rates through partnerships because the white label partner understands the added value you can bring to the table with client referrals. 

At Logic Inbound, we understand you need to mark up white label SEO services and we want to make sure you’ve got room on the pricing to do that. That’s why we commonly offer discounted rates of anywhere between 15% – 35% on our services for our white label partners. This makes the markup process much easier, as most agencies will simply mark up the pricing in the amount of the discount they received. 

Of course many of our partners opt to mark up the prices even more because of the high quality and value of our services. Others actually sometimes mark up prices less to stay competitive, thereby passing the cost savings on to their clients. That’s the benefit of the flexibility mentioned earlier. You can comfortably mark up our white label services according to industry standards, or customize it to best suit your business and client expectations.

White Label Partner Testimonials

We take pride in all of our work, with clients and partners alike. Check out our latest 5 star Google review from our White Label partner, Chaela Sumner

Interested in creating a new revenue stream by teaming up? So are we. Drop us a line!