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Search Engine Optimization Services

There are countless people searching for information about where to spend their money every single day, yet they all tend to start their search in the same place: Google. Whatever they find near the top of the search results has a huge advantage over the competition. Ranking highly for a search term provides more than visibility; it imbues that high ranking page with credibility and authority. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the strategic practice of motivating Google to rank a page higher and ensuring that the page ranks for desirable search terms.

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90% of searchers won’t click past the first page of results.

What Makes Us Different

The most powerful tactics for SEO must be tailored to each specific client’s unique challenges. Logic Inbound understands that every industry and every company is different, and leverages that understanding to produce stronger results.

Other SEO agencies represent their processes as impossibly complex, then offer two or three “packages” for you to choose from to deliver one-size-fits-all services. Logic Inbound chooses to work directly with our clients to craft a service package that is appropriate for their goals and needs. We customize our services to optimize results for companies of all sizes, from solo entrepreneurs to multi-national companies.

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How Google works

Search Engine Optimization is much simpler than the industry make it out to be. The Google search algorithm comes down to just two simple factors: RELEVANCE and AUTHORITY. Logic Inbound focuses on these factors to deliver the highest return on investment for our clients.



Assuming an equal amount of authority as your competitors, the page that best matches a given keyword will rank higher than pages that only match for a partial keyword.



Google trusts thousands of websites to be highly authoritative. When these sites link to you, they share some of that trust and authority.

Our SEO Process


We learn about your business, customers, and competition.

Growth Analysis

We identify growth opportunities.

Keyword Research

Our research identifies how your ideal customer searches for your product or service (keyword research), and what Google is already favoring in your niche market (competitive analysis).

Optimize for Relevance

Website optimization is the process of ensuring that search engines can access all the pages we intend to rank and can clearly and easily identify what each page is about. Essentially, this is the task of making sure each page speaks the same language as Google.

Build Authority

Driving authority to a site from other credible websites on the internet transfers that trust, authority, and traffic in the eyes of Google. We use dozens of link building strategies to get results.


Good search engine optimization will produce rapid and clearly defined results. Our weekly and monthly reporting will clearly show progress in your project within a short period of time.

  • “On an average day, I have between 6 and 7 inbound leads either by phone or by contacting me via the website.”

    Edwin del Carpio
    Founder of Aldaris CPA Group
  • “When clients see me on the front page of Google for Seattle Wedding Planner they don’t think, Wonderstruck must have SEO’d the heck out of their website, they think, wow, Wonderstruck is on page one – they must be worth talking to!”

    Katie Aweida
    Founder of Wonderstruck Event Design
  • “I’ve tried working with probably 7 different SEO companies at this point. Some of them were better than others, but none were in the same league as Logic Inbound”

    Pia Larson
    Owner of Fingerprint Marketing


Logic Inbound’s Search Engine Optimization Really Works

“Logic Inbound put us on the first page of Google for over 200 keywords, which is driving an incredible amount of organic traffic to our sites. It’s hard to believe how fast and effective they are.”

Ron Weiner
Founder of iMovR and 6 other VC backed companies

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