How We Helped a Banking, Payroll, & Bookkeeping Startup More Easily Manage their Website While Keeping the Same Design using Webflow

The Problem is an all in one solution for Banking, Payroll, & Bookkeeping aimed to help startups get organized when it comes to finance. They found it difficult to manage their website, make updates and add new content. Overall, they wanted something that was easier to maintain so they could focus on the services they offer, rather than website management. They wanted their website to look and feel EXACTLY the same, word-for-word and image-for-image. Our solution was Webflow with help from Tall Town Design. In addition, we were able to clean up some SEO problems that the old website was suffering from.

Logic Inbound’s Strategy

We chose to build the new website in Webflow, which is a web design and development platform that empowers users to create professional, responsive websites. It combines the flexibility of a visual drag-and-drop interface with powerful customization options, making it an great tool for both designers and developers to bring their creative visions to life efficiently and effectively, which allowed us to create a pixel perfect design that precisely matched’s old website.  

Solutions for SEO

Migrating to the new web builder was a big boost for SEO opportunities as well. The old website was using a third party subdomain for their blog management system. This is less than ideal for SEO since search engines treat subdomains as separate entities from the main domain. That means all that SEO equity growing from the blog, wouldn’t have the same positive impact. Now with Webflow, they have a blog management system that easy, intuitive, and will ensure that SEO equity from the blog is directly on their website. We were able to fix another SEO issue concerning the site’s internal links which were hidden behind JavaScript. It is harder for Google to crawl javascript. Internal links are how Google understands a websites page hierarchy and relationship, so if that relationship is behind javascript, then the website is going to run into more difficulty when it comes to increasing organic traffic. The website migration fixed all of that.

User Interface Design

Partnering with Tall Town Design, they were able to create a custom slider that adds a bit of fun to the User Experience. Now the user can feel like they are in control of the services they are choosing. The slider allows the user to match their monthly operating costs for an input. As they move the slider from left to right, the list of services change on the bottom display. This eliminates confusion and uncertainty.