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Digital Marketing

Does your company need a complete digital marketing solution. We can provide a program customized to maximize your marketing budget online. LEARN MORE…

Search Engine Ranking

Increasing Google rankings is one of our premier specialties. We are able to provide reliable and consistent results with our SEO strategies. LEARN MORE…

WordPress Design

Having a really excellent website creates an excellent first impression for your target clients. Your website plays an important role in converting prospects into clients. LEARN MORE…

Digital Marketing Services

Logic Inbound is a marketing company based out of Seattle WA. We provide a wide range of internet marketing services fit for companies of any size. Our products are intended to maximize your exposure online in an effort to create an inbound marketing funnel that can create new business week after week.

Reputation Management

When your ideal client is making a purchase decision, positive reviews are a key deciding factor. Get more five star reviews.

Content Creation

Copywriting, blog post writing and more. We’ll write exactly what you need.

Social Media

We engage with prospective customers and get you more leads using social media

Search Engine Advertising

Get on Google TODAY. Control who sees your search ads, and get more customers quickly.


We get you on Page 1 of Google, right in front of your prospective customers.

Conversion Optimization

Get more business from your existing website traffic. Conversion optimization is like ‘sales training’ for your website.

Geofencing Mobile Ads

Advertise directly to to your best prospects, your competitor’s frustrated customers, and more — down to the exact building they’re currently at.

Web Design

Update your website for today’s customers, or build a new one from scratch. We can do both.

“We've tried probably about 7 SEO companies, some of which were better than others, but nothing like we have right now with Logic Inbound!”

– Fingerprint Marketing

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There are so many ways that we can help a business. Paid advertising, review generation, web design, search engine rankings. These are just a few pieces of a much larger puzzle called digital marketing. It can be a fragmented landscape, and very difficult for business owners to navigate on their own. It’s important that a business work with a digital marketing company that offers a high level of visibility into the return on the clients marketing investment.

Our clients find that we are very eager to put together a marketing plan that not only delivers results but also is built on common sense marketing practices that make sense to the client. Internet marketing doesn’t need to be some voodoo magic. In fact if it seems that way, it’s a sign that your current digital marketing company might be rather clueless as well.

Reach out to us! We are happy to offer 100% pure value information to you over the phone or email. We want to be transparent and earn your trust before you invest a dollar with us.