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Logic Inbound provides proven new customer acquisition strategies to drive business growth both locally and across the United States. 

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Logic Inbound was founded by an executive team with over 30 years of combined experience in early stage SaaS companies all the way to recognizable name brands. Our Principals have a broad track record, from driving 400,000+ mobile app downloads as high school students, to SaaS partnerships with more than half of the largest telecommunication companies in the world.

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You want to get new patients to book appointments by finding you on Google


You want to get more sales for your products by showing up higher on Google


Your want millions of webpages to get indexed and rank better on Google
Small Business

Small Service Businesses

You want to get new customers by optimizing your website for Google

Case Studies

“Logic Inbound’s strategy around SEO is accurate — everything they said was going to happen actually did happen. I’m really impressed by the organization.”

CNA Online Course

Migration & SEO 

I can call Logic Inbound any time, 7 days a week, to get answers and for help with email marketing or with SEO. It’s a great relationship because it’s responsive.“.

Innovative Men's Clinic

SEO Strategy

“You guys are up to date in your field on the cutting edge of SEO and a joy to work with. Very professional, with good follow-up.”

Beaver Valley Foot Clinic

Speed Optimization

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Search Engine Marketing

Just having a website that gets a lot of visitors is not enough. You want a website that gets visitors interested in your services.


Conversion Optimization

Our conversion optimization tactics ensure that visitors seeking products, services or information on your site become new customers.

Online Ads

Just having a website that gets a lot of visitors is not enough. You want a website that gets visitors interested in your services.



Just having a website that gets a lot of visitors is not enough. You want a website that gets visitors interested in your services.

Logic Inbound currently holds a 5/5 average star rating based on 45+ Google Reviews.

“Wonderful to work with! They have supported me upgrade and optimize my online visibility so that patients can find me. In just a month of working with them, I have a thriving practice!”

Dr. Shreya Soni

“Logic inbound is crucial for the growth for our company. I strongly believe that you need the right person/company for the right job, external or internal. For us that was Logic Inbound”

Jethro Seghers

SEO Pros and Cons



Create a consistent revenue generating asset that will produce for many years into the future.

The purchasing intent when a prospect searches Google is very high, and organic will often be your highest converting channel.
A successful search campaign will have a lower Customer Acquisition Cost than social and PPC.

Why Not

Your organization needs instant results.
Your organization is not ready to commit to the time Google needs to rank your site and deliver business impact.
If your product is too innovative where you’re creating a new industry and nobody is actively searching for information about it online.

What Our Clients Say

“Logic Inbound is the best in the business. They’re skilled in what they do, and then some. Their work is unbeatable. The team is incredible. I’d choose them time and time again”.

Dr.Kate Kass ND

Search Engine Marketing

“Working with Logic Inbound has been a joy. You can tell they know their craft and business, I’m excited about where the future will go as both of our companies expand in the healthcare market. “

Steve, CPR Northwest

SEO Strategy

“Their efforts resulted in a 30% bump in traffic. They’re constantly innovating new ways to get our keywords found. Logic Inbound’s knowledge of the service they provide and the industry is very deep..”

Fingerprint Marketing

White Label Partnership


Answers to your most frequently asked questions. Still have questions? We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact us today.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the implementation of a set of tools and strategy that aim to rank a website in search engine results, for specific and relevant search terms. 

An example search term might be ‘naturopathic doctor Seattle’. If you are a naturopathic doctor in Seattle, you’d want your website to show at the top whenever someone searches for this term. 

SEO helps you achieve this.

How Does SEO Work?

Google works to show the most relevant, highest quality content for any given search term or query. And Google takes this job very seriously. 

But how does Google decide which website has the most relevant and highest quality content? That’s where SEO comes in.

On-page SEO

On-page SEO involves methodologies that aim to improve the content and technical aspects of a web page. 

This is done around a chosen search term or keyword

So for the search term ‘naturopathic doctor Seattle’, on-page SEO would involve optimizing the page for this term.

This might mean adding content relating to naturopathic doctors in general, and other information that search users want to know about. 

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO works by boosting a website’s ‘signals’ by working with other websites to show that our website is high quality.

This can involve link building, which is the practice of linking from other high quality websites to your website to increase its authority.

Logic Inbound currently holds a 5/5 average star rating based on 25+ Clutch Reviews.

“The team was able to exceed KPIs. They had outstanding workflow and held weekly meetings to report the current status of the project to the client. “

ATLAS Workbase

Kim Burmester, VP of Marketing

“The Logic Inbound team has done such a great job that the client continues working with them. Their work has resulted in improved SEO performance. “

Modern Maids

Justin Carpenter, CEO & Founder

They’re an awesome group to work with. I consider these young men to be part of my family — that’s how good they’ve been in the way of looking after my businesses. They’ve taken this project as if it were their own, and I’m confident that they’re doing the best that they can for us.  

Scott, Junk B Gone

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