How White Label SEO Service Works

On this page we will go over our pricing model, and how working with us on the SEO side looks like for clients. PS if you haven’t read any of our testimonials or case studies just click on the sentence to check them out. 🙂 Looking forward to your feedback!

To determine if a client can even afford SEO Services before you tell them about us you can refer to this article here.

Basically the client should be able to spend AT LEAST $2500 a month on a monthly campaign for monthly services. For anything less they have to understand there’s a lot of work they need to be willing to do. If they’re willing to do the other work we can do smaller engagements.

Our White Label Pricing Suggestion:

You should keep NO MORE than 20% of any custom scoped prices

  1. Custom SEO Education – $450 – Bundled 3 hours of training at 150 an hour
  2. SEO Short Term Projects – $1000 and up
  3. Monthly SEO Mutual work – $1500 and up (Minimum of 3 hours of SEO training needed)
  4. Monthly Services – $11,200 to $3000 (so far we won’t say no to higher prices)

But Vlad! You might be asking. Why can’t I keep more than 20% of the price you scoped? XYZ Company doesn’t care between spending $2500 and $3500, I know I can close them on it!

Well dear reader you can charge your client more than 20%, but I strongly recommend that you don’t because I believe we should treat clients how we would like to be treated. In other words it’s simply the right thing to do and when you do the right thing clients stick around making you A LOT more money in the long run.

The 20% you get is EARNED by you white labeling us because you are doing account management / customer service support. Something that we scope into our contracts and charge directly. This is why white labeling can make you more money than just referring us clients, but can be a headache if you’re not prepared to give the client the love they deserve.
How Should I Bring You Into The Deal?
This is the easy part. You can simply create a email account and CC me when you think the client is ready for an SEO intro

The sales model:

1. Do an analysis (this is most likely where you’ll bring us in to give free valuable insight to the client).

2. Do a campaign overview call. This they should sign our contract, we go over their campaign and what its like to get started. At this point we should also do a 15 minute sync. You should also have already spoken to the prospect and qualified them before bringing us in.

3. Campaign Kickoff. If the client likes the campaign overview we’ll schedule a kickoff! At this point the potential client signs your contract and pays you (we get paid at this time as well). During the kickoff call we’ll double check contact information and schedule any follow up as necessary.