Growth Marketing for Startups

Our clients have collectively raised over $8,000,000 in series A funding. 

Startups are lean operations that need to find opportunities and customers quickly and efficiently. Logic Inbound understands the challenges that startups face and knows how to generate the inbound interest needed to survive.
Logic Inbound is a digital marketing and SEO agency committed to helping startups grow through powerful and efficient marketing tactics. Our search engine optimization, content marketing, conversion rate optimization, email automation, and influencer marketing services are tailored for growth-focused companies.


Whether you’re chasing profitability, or your next round, you need traction and revenue to stay alive long enough to take over the world, and we can help with both.




 You need to do a lot with a little, and you need to do it fast. 

We understand, we’ve been there.

Tell us about your business, we’ll let you know if we can help.

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“Logic Inbound’s team of developers played a key role in assisting us with a huge site transfer. Their team worked fast, efficiently, and with clear communication. They met all deadlines and completed all tasks assigned to them. I was grateful for their transparency and ability to bring our ideas to life. Thank you logic Inbound for your help. We couldn’t have done the work without you. We will be using your services again in the future.”

Senior Designer


“I continually get responses from my clients who I have referred to Logic Inbound that they’re very thankful that I’ve referred them over to you, as well as a client myself there’s such a level of transparency in the work that you guys do for us that allows us to really focus on what’s important to us and what’s going to drive our business forward!”

Chris Lollini
Founder of Reputation Igniter

“Relationships are earned for me. I don’t trust anybody right at the beginning. I take that approach with any vendor I bring in, which is to work with them on a probationary period. Over that time trust and credibility are earned and built. I can tell you one of the essentials of my business is digital and I wouldn’t even take calls on digital anymore because look, I’ve got the best I’ve found so I’m not even interested in interviewing other people anymore.”

Dave Biehn
Founder of Dave Biehn Marketing

“I’ve tried working with probably 7 different SEO companies at this point. Some of them were better than others, but none were in the same league as Logic Inbound”

Pia Larson
Owner of Fingerprint Marketing