How To Get Verified On Instagram and More!

by | Dec 3, 2017

If you were Beyonce, how would you get verified on instagram?

Well that’s simple! Just create an account! That’s it. 🙂

What do you do if you’re not Beyonce, you can’t contact instagram, they won’t call you back or talk to you?

Well we’ve analyzed the verification process, come up with some creative ways you can get there and even added some bonus instagram tips and tricks.

But first why get verified and what’s the big deal about it?

Top 5 Reasons To Get Verified:

1. Easier to get followers and build an audience

Once people see that verification badge next to your name they will note that you’re important. You are worth following because that’s what instagram told them. Even when using basic tactics such as commenting on posts, people will notice your badge and your chances of getting a follow from them have now increased. Once your audience is built you can promo or sell anything you’d like.

Wendy's is Instagram Verified

Wendy’s is Instagram Verified

Influence can be used in many ways.

2. Easier to verify other accounts you own

Once you get your first verification accomplished verifying other accounts will become easier. There are whole businesses built behind just verifying people on twitter, instagram and facebook. Do we endorse this? Well yes and no, we’ll get to that later. What’s most important is getting verified the correct way, it’ll be a testament to the PR you’ve built for yourself or your company.

Social Status Crown

3. Gain Social Status

The power of social status has been around since the beginning of man. People are constantly trying to figure out who in the tribe is a leader and who is vying to get there. If someone ever does research on you then they can quickly establish you’re a community influencer. Influencers can get paid to do promotions and close business deals easier, which leads us to our next reason.

4. Gain more credibility when reaching out to potential partners

A great tactic to do more business on instagram is by DMing others. I’ve seen web developers get clients this ways, cofounders pitch their startup ideas and people form partnerships. When the person you reach out sees that blue verification badge, it’ll help get you one step closer to getting your foot in the door. You’re not only followed by others, but stamped important by the very platform they’re on.

5. Become recognized by your fans

If you’re an already established brand or influencer and others tend to copy your account then of course getting the verification badge will help fans know you’re the real you. Tons of stories exist online documenting people phishing (trying to trick others into obtaining sensitive information) or scamming with celebrity accounts.

Beyonce Impersonators on Instagram

Beyonce Impersonators on Instagram

Is Getting Verified Luck or Skill?

Getting verification can no doubt be a mix of both luck and skill for example:

Famous celebrity photographer Brandon Woelfel isn’t verified, but has over 1.7 million followers:

Nikki Blonsky on the other hand only has 14.4 thousand followers, but she got her verification badge:

Unless you’re an A list celebrity every time you try to get verified can be a roll of the dice. Instagram itself says to get verified you need to be a “public figure, celebrity (the A list thing we talked about) or global brand”. So naturally the next step to follow is building out your online presence to qualify for one of the above.

The more you build out your brand across each channel the more valuable it’ll be your other online channels in turn and so on. Following this process will not only get you verified, but also give you leverage to build more value for yourself and others in your network.

What should I focus on to be verified?

There are two factors that come into play when it comes to getting verified on instagram.

  • Factor 1. Be a recognizable brand. (This being the main factor).
  • Factor 2. Linking established accounts together so instagram has an easier time identifying you as an established brand.

Of course being active is important as well, if your account doesn’t post regularly you’ll not only lose followers, but your odds of getting that badge. If you know how to become an established brand then save yourself some time and get to work!

Below we’ll answer some extraneous questions, we’ve been asked before as well as give you some tips so you can build your brand faster!

Can you hack instagram verification?

There’s no easy or cheap hack to use, but we’ve found methods.

The ugly truth is that a black market does exist where you can buy verification’s, however even then you can get verified you may actually risk your account being banned. There are “professionals” out there that I’ve met who can get you verified if you pay them an upwards of 8 thousand dollars, in the end however it won’t be worth it if you’re caught.

Knowing a large media agency can also help in this domain. Some companies have access to social media sites and can get you verified very fast through their connections. The main thing you can do to help instagram and agencies to get you verified is by building a legitimate account in the first place. 

Therefore next we will discuss how to build your brand so you can get agencies to implement this strategy or do it on your own. 

How do you build out your brand so instagram recognizes you?

We now come to the main topic, building PR, which is a key staple in branding. By doing some PR yourself you can then be positioned to finally get accepted!  Also, the greater your media presence the greater the chances someone has of impersonating you, which is a factor that instagram takes into account for verification. Obviously there isn’t guaranteed way to be instantly accepted, but by following some of these methods your chances will increase dramatically.

Building out a blog, getting interviews on major publications, gaining followers on twitter, quora, linkedin, facebook and youtube, posting regularly on instagram itself to build up your followership are all things you will need to study. We will go over each of these methods starting from some of the simplest to the more complicated ones.

Guide to Building Out A Blog:

There are tons of articles online talking about what it takes to build out a solid blog, in this section we’ll go over the basics.

Your platform: Building your own website is best, a simplified way to do it would be using squarespace, wix to quickly build out the platform you’d like to blog on. Be careful though, if you don’t put the money in, Wix and Squarespace can make your site look unprofessional very quickly. lets you login and start blogging with the least set up required. Once you build out your blogging habits then perhaps you should then build your own site.

You can share your blog posts to different online forums such as, linkedin groups, stumbleupon and many more. As time goes on you’ll gain more readers. It’s helpful to know some SEO basics as well, which will give you an edge make sure you write evergreen content!

At the source of every developed brand is content production, which is what you need to get in the habit of creating. If you get into blogging you should check out our guide on how to make blog thumbnails in less than 2 minutes or less! 🙂

How to Get Interviewed:

If you built a blog out getting interviewed will be easy especially if you have a notable accomplishments in your field of interest as well. Put together a press kit (promotional package about you) and start reaching out to various publications.

Getting interviews on major publications isn’t as complicated as it may seem. As you’ve probably guessed starting small is an easy way in. Sites such as are always looking for an opinion from various experts in multiple fields.

A lot of people have podcasts nowadays, so reaching out online and pitching yourself can be very beneficial too. If you’d like to get interviews Stitcher can be a great place to build success.

One of the easiest ways to get interviews is to also give them. Starting your own podcast or even featuring stories about notable people on your blog can be a great way to build credibility.

As you build up your interviewing skills you can then send an email to your local tv stations, bigger podcasts and publication writers. You should be building up relationships with them early on to make your cold pitch warm! Start engaging with their content. 🙂 If you’ve interacted with them before pitching will become much easier.

You can find plenty of writers, distributers and podcasters on twitter, instagram, their own blogs and maybe even your own network!

How to Build a Quora Audience to help get Verified

Answering questions on quora is a very easy way to get viewers and notoriety! My account for example gets 500 views per week and I built it up with a very simple process: by 3 questions a day.

A friend of mine likes to write an essay per answer, they have been featured in other websites and more due to their in depth posts.

Once you become a top quora writer you can then use that influence to become a writer at other major publications such as Forbes, Huffington Post, Inc etc. Becoming a writer will get you in contact with other writers, which means more influence and interviews you can then leverage for exposure. A way to build more traffic to your blog is by linking back to it on your profile. Remember to interconnect all of your online profiles!

How to Get More Followers on Twitter to Help Get Verified on Instagram

Gaining followers on twitter can be achieved in two simple ways.

  1. Use tools online to follow others and have them follow you back known as follow for follow.
  2. Create interesting content.

On a brief side note: Like Instagram, twitter verification is about building brand awareness. The best part about it is that unlike instagram you can actually apply by going here:

Now back to using tools and writing interesting content. When it comes to online follow for follow tools is a site many have used multiple times, but a ton exist. Twitter also has a train of people using follow for follow hashtags, however they will very rarely engage with you and are most likely bots so my advice would be to stay away.

Actually creating interesting content is difficult, however like blogging as your niche awareness increases you’ll gain more followers and have breakthroughs. One of the simplest methods to create interesting content is by modeling your own content after accounts you admire. With experience and testing you can then get better with each tweet! 

How to Grow a Facebook Page

Building up a facebook page can be done just like twitter and you can pay to make some posts gain more exposure. If you plan to build up your page organically you can still get an admirable amount of followers as well, study each post use ads to get an initial following and then grow from there. When someone follows you on twitter, linkedin, or quora you should then make it as seamless as possible for them to be other platforms.

One thing many don’t know is that you can actually rank your facebook page on google, this is why picking a good name is important. Videos especially live videos can be a great way to stand out from other pages. Using high quality pictures can also differentiate your page, most of all be sure to plan your content out.

If you’re a business and you have clients getting them to like your page can go a long way. As mentioned using advertising is a great way to spark growth on your page. Here’s an article we wrote on how you can spy on facebook competitors ad campaigns.

How to use LinkedIn to Help you Get Verified on Instagram

Linkedin is mainly a networking tool, however it’s a great place for building up relationships with key social media influencers, distributors, writers, reporters, etc, that can build your brand fast. Most recently the power of linkedin has been on display with wave structure like status updates.

Writing personal stories and creating engagement groups are very valuable methods. The views that can be generated can’t be underestimated, remember it only takes one to make a difference. A useful thing to do is re-purpose content to tailor each platform, build leverage.

The most important thing linkedin lets you do is check the analytics of each post so you can then find out how to improve your post quality. Unlike twitter, linkedin actually gives you high quality insights on your posts.

How to Get Instagram Verified by Growing On Youtube

Youtube can be a surprisingly great platform to build your brand. While using video in places like instagram or facebook attracts your existing userbase, Youtube like blogging is great for gaining an outside audience.

A common strategy we’ve seen is repurposing facebook live videos and sharing them on a youtube account. Of course another way to grow your youtube channel would be to advertise it or better yet do collaborations with other youtubers similar to you.

Starting a contest for youtubers in your niche with a reward can also be a great way to promo your channel. Pay attention to your channel analytics and where viewers drop off. The more videos you create the better you can exract data and move forward like any content creation platform.

Make sure you fill out your channel description well because there is a proper way to title your youtube videos to rank for SEO and of course use intro vid pictures that capture attention. Remember, link back to your website or blogpost to gain more traffic!

How to Get More Followers and Build a Following on Instagram

Instagram of course is a great place to validate yourself and build a following on the main front! Just remember that you should be on multiple platforms to further prove out your authenticity.

When promoting your instagram account you can grow very fast by simply paying other influencers to promo you. Influencer marketing (paying big social media accounts for promos) is growing rapidly and can be a cheap way to gain massive exposure. This method can be used across any social channel and we recommend you test them all.

On the flip side starting an instagram group of influencers and focusing on hash tags can be tremendously useful if you’re building the account from scratch. A good strategy to map out your content would be to find 10 accounts whom you inspire to be like and post content similar to them. As always extract data from each post rinse and repeat!

Lastly there are tools just like which you can implement to follow your audience or randomly comment in hopes of getting attention and ultimately a follow back. Remember though that if you use any of these tools you run the risk of getting banned.

We’ve also written extensively about instagram tools and bots you can check out as well.


Of course the tactics I’ve mentioned above can be used across other social platforms. The earlier you begin these practices the faster you’ll build a brand and become verified! We’ve gone through multiple methods from buying your way to the top, the importance of having multiple social channels built out to tactics you can implement today if you don’t have a dollar.

Getting verified on instagram is no doubt one of the most difficult things to do on a social platform since they’re one of the few who don’t have an official process. As always let us know if you have any questions and we’re happy to help. If you’d like someone else to grow your brand talking to a digital marketing agency can be a great help. To follow up with Instagram themselves call: 650-543-4800 or email them:

Let us know if you have feedback and good luck. 🙂


Bonus: How To Use Instagram For Sales

Since 2010, Instagram has been changing how the world shares their photos online. Instead of scrolling through your Facebook or Twitter feeds, Instagram allows every user to find photos that are of interest to them. The hashtag is an iconic internet symbol that means so much more than it used to. With individuals, professionals, global corporations, and celebrities using the mobile app everyday, it’s no surprise that marketing tools have evolved to incorporate this social media powerhouse into their practices.

Utilizing Instagram for sales can seem like a simple process; take a photo, post it, and wait for the customers to roll in. However, the truth is far from this idyllic story. Marketing and making sales on Instagram is a multi-pronged system that requires attention to detail, meticulous scheduling and thoughtful processing to achieve growth. Active engagement with consumers, making room to collaborate with your fellow businesses, and incorporating Instagram stories or live streams are currently the most powerful assets for your success.

Be Active and Engaging

One of the most powerful ways a company or individual can grow on Instagram is by being attentive. Read as many comments as you can, replying to inquiries and cheering on positive messages. Being able to directly respond to a viewer can increase your chances of acquisition in a much faster timeline. When the inevitable negative comment arrives, there are two options. If the comment is harassment or spam, delete it and move on. Words that are destructive to the brand or show a less than stellar impression, respond in kind. “We’re incredibly sad to hear that your expectations were not met; please contact us directly so we can make it right at” easily disarms the commenter, neutralizing the situation. When they send the email, take it seriously; this is providing more insight into your reputation and efficacy as a business.

Many companies find that users post images and hashtags about products or services they already love without having to be asked. Show appreciation by liking and commenting on these posts! Individuals love feeling like they matter and are noticed by the companies they invest in. When you find a post that is beautifully edited or composed, you can ask the user if you have permission to repost it. Give credit to the original poster by tagging them in the photo. Word of mouth marketing is strong, and this is an effective way to implement that.


Collaborate With Others

If you are offering a product or service on Instagram, find out what compliments your business well. Many protein vendors share photos of their items alongside other popular items like whey protein cookies, fitness DVDs and sneakers to set the stage for a potential customer. It’s like preparing a mannequin for the next season of fashion; show a consumer what they can do with your service and how it benefits their lifestyle. Remember to tag the other companies in your image; you may build a powerful bridge to cross-promote in future marketing endeavors!

Once you’ve established one or two companies to collaborate with, host a giveaway or other contest to expand your reach. Influence is king on Instagram; the more new viewers you can attract, the higher your chances of acquisition become. Giveaways bring in a large flux of mostly inactive followers, who will likely not convert, but your potential for future sales multiplies as these followers are introduced to the brand. Over time, the relationship between viewer and product becomes stronger until brand loyalty is achieved.

Use Instagram Stories and Live Streams

Photography can be beautiful and attract the eye, but moving images and live video are the new viral marketing tools for modern businesses. Instagram Stories are snippets of video or moving images that a user chooses to view, not knowing what they see until the story is opened (like a book). Use these tools to show off how a product looks or is used, focusing on fun and dynamic movements. A protein company might make a four clip story about how to make a raspberry chocolate truffle shake, step by step, and have a generous shot of the product to show it off. Users will automatically receive the message and will want to learn more about what’s been presented to them. Hashtags can be applied to stories as text, allowing you to categorize your story so that it shows up for anyone interested in that topic. For example, this protein recipe story may use #healthyfood, #chocolate and #proteinshake to expand their reach to more unique views versus those who are already following your content.

Instagram Live is a way to broadcast live video to anyone who is available to view it. These are best utilized in a schedule, with plenty of time to announce when you will be broadcasting, to followers. Share images or stories referring to the date and time of your live stream so that customers can tune in, while new viewers can learn how to connect more with your business. Following the protein example, this company may choose to launch a live stream focusing on the importance of their protein blend and how it will help benefit an active lifestyle. Take advantage of the audience and make time for a question and answer session, or show the product or service in action. The most important element in a live stream is answering viewer questions that appear in the live chat feed, or acknowledging those who comment positively about the brand. This is a real time, interactive way to connect with the people who support and show interest in your company.

Are there any sales tactics you use that we missed? 

Have you been verified before?

How close do you think your brand is to being verification worthy?


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