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Are you a subject matter expert in a digital marketing niche? Do you have a passion for blogging and creating awareness through content? Logic Inbound welcomes guest contributors to share their knowledge and expertise with our community through our blog.

The Logic Inbound site receives around 100,000 organic views each month, made possible by the content marketing efforts on our blog.

To find out how you can contribute to our blog as a guest writer, please read this guide in full before submitting a post.

1    Community Values

The core purpose of the Logic Inbound blog is to dispense knowledge. We do not ask you to know the absolute last word in your area of your expertise, however what we do look for is passion. Your passion will always be reflected in the content you create, which will be picked upon by our readers and other industry leaders.

When you write for Logic Inbound, you’ll be positioning yourself as an expert on the subject of your content, which can be beneficial as other like-minded experts might want to connect with you.

We expect our guest contributors to engage in healthy discussions in the comments section if a reader raises a good question.

2   Content Guidelines

Put simply, we’re looking for quality and original content from our guest contributors that can help us reach a wider audience.

2.1 Post Length

Our blog mostly consists of long form blog posts ranging from 1500 – 4000 words. Though there is no upper limit to the amount of words you can have in a blog post, the minimum amount should be 1500 words. The minimum limit has been set to maintain consistency of post length across our blog section.

2.2 Topic Selection

Your posts can be about any of the following:

  •         Digital marketing
  •         Ecommerce
  •         Web development

For unique article ideas, try mixing and matching the above-mentioned niches. Once again, we must emphasize the importance of passion and creativity when it comes to settling on a topic. When you’re passionate about something, you’re likely have to have a few unique perspectives about it as well, and that’s what will make your content stand out in the end.

2.3 Title Selection

The title is perhaps the most important part of a blog post. Even if your content is gold, without a good title it wouldn’t be able to attract much attention – both from readers and search engines.

Try to limit post titles to 50 characters. Make sure the title is encased in the h1 tag. There must be no more than one h1 tag per post.

Please come up with an original title, we don’t want duplicate titles (h1) on our blog.

2.4 Content Quality and Publishing

Our blog section is for original content only. Please do not submit content that has been published elsewhere – even your blog. Once your guest piece has been published on the Logic Inbound blog, do not publish it anywhere else.

Plagiarized content will be removed immediately and may result in a ban for you regarding future publications. If a certain topic has been covered previously, you can still write on it provided you look at it from another angle or provide valuable, deep insight into it that was previously not explored.

2.5 References and Technical Accuracy

Try to double-check any claims that you make in your article, and be sure to provide links to credible sources to back up these claims.

Technical inaccuracies can break the trust of the reader, and also affect the reputation of the Logic Inbound blog, so double-check facts and figures before including them in the article

2.6 Language

Please refrain from using coarse language. A light-hearted tone is always appreciated but there should be no religious, political or sexist commentary.

Check for grammar and spelling before submitting the post. Most modern text editors come with a built-in spell checker. 

Using contractions such as ‘you’ll’ and ‘you’re’ is allowed, but overuse of these make the article too casual, potentially making it seem less credible.

3   Writing Guidelines

3.1 Formatting – Headings and Subheadings

Using the right headings in your article can mean the difference between a page 1 position or not being noticed by Google at all.

Please use h1 only once. This will always be the title of your post. Multiple appearances of h1 can severely impact the post’s SEO.

Be sure to break down the article into multiple sections using h2s. Remember to choose headings wisely, as not everyone is looking to go through the whole article. Mostly, people will just want to read the part of the article that is relevant and useful to them – the h2s will help them find it.

Using h3s is also recommended if a section within an h2 can be broken down into further points.

Note: In many cases, Logic Inbound will provide an article outline for the topic you wish to write for. This outline will be SEO optimized, and will contain suggested h2s which can be included to make the article useful. Feel free to use your own h3s in this case.

3.2 Formatting – Text Decoration

Be sure to embolden text which demands user attention. As a best practice, please choose to make only a phrase bold (for example, Shopify is not open-source) rather than a whole sentence (for example, Shopify is not open-source).

In the same way, feel free to use italic text to emphasize a point.

3.3 Formatting – Tables and Lists

At Logic Inbound we make it a point to include structured pieces of content such as tables, lists and bullet points in every article. Not only is this good for readability, but it also helps when it comes to SERPs.

As a general rule, try to include at least:

  •         1 table
  •         2 bullet lists
  •         1 numbered list

3.4 Backlinks

Each post can contain one do-follow backlink to the contributor’s target URL of choice.

4 Contributor Guidelines

We’re looking for contributors who’re deeply knowledgeable and passionate about digital marketing and / or ecommerce. Please be sure to include a brief background (bio) about yourself, and provide links to your social media accounts.

Be sure to respond to comments and queries about your article in the respective comments section.

5 Why Choose Logic Inbound?

There are a couple of reasons why you should write for us:

5.1 Free PR

For every post that you write for us, a press release (PR) will be written by one of our in-house writers and will be published across numerous news sites.

You may request a PR report for further analysis.

5.2 Free Advertisement

We may choose to advertise your post through social media for further audience reach and exposure.

6 Submit Your Post

If you’re interested in creating quality content for us and other marketing enthusiasts, we would love to hear from you!

Please email us at editor@logicinbound.com with your info and the content piece in either Microsoft Word (.docx) or PDF (.pdf) formats.