Below we’ve written a guide of our top 10 things to do during Covid. However, this is where the conversation only begins. We’ve added a bonus #11 aka make your own top 10 list, which is perhaps the most important thing you can do.

1 Reach out to all your clients

If you took a huge hit, or feel unsettled imagine how your clients are feeling. Reaching out to them can make a huge difference and deepen your relationships. They’ll be thankful you reached out and you’ll feel good about doing it if you do.

2 Get active on Social Media

Being stuck at home gives you plenty of time to get involved in conversations and get active on social media. Want new clients? Now’s a better time than ever to get engaged with your community. Start a dialogue and when they ask a question, people are a lot more receptive right now due to Coronavirus.

3 Start Content writing

One of the best things you can do is answer a community question someone had and blog about it. Now that everyone is stuck at home you can also start writing content. One easy way to start is to list the top 10 questions your audience asks you and write a blog post on each topic.

4 Reach out to potential partners

Like you partners are stuck home right now as well. What’s almost as good as a client? A potential referral partner. Now is a good time to get to know them better since they’re stuck at home as well.

5 Start the new company you wanted to

If you went out of business and don’t want to continue now’s the perfect time to start a new company.

6 Call a team meeting

Now is the time (if you haven’t already) to call a full hands on team meeting. During volatility there’s a lot of opportunities and your team can help you and your business stop them. One easy example is commercial cleaning companies will garner a lot more attention now that everyone hold as higher precedent towards cleanliness.

7 Start a podcast

With everyone staying home it’s easier than ever to get guests, not to mention the fact that everyone knows what zoom is! So what should you do? Use Fiverr to create an intro, learn how to use tools like Anchor.FM and let the podcast begin. Unlike starting a new company this is a side hobby that can either empower what you’re doing already or become its own thing quickly.

8 Learn a new skill

Stuck at home? Bored? Well everyone can learn a new skill to enrich their lives even famous investor Warren Buffett learned how to play the Ukelele.

9 Apply for the SBA loan

Visit this link to learn about the SBA and apply here.

My theory is that the local banks can process your paperwork faster since they won’t be as overwhelmed as the large banks. Large banks sadly weren’t set up to take this volume and all the banks I’ve talked to are going through a lot of stress right now.

You can also apply to the emergency preparedness fund

10 Reach out for help and help others

The most embarrassing thing isn’t to ask for help, it’s t

o pretend like you don’t need it and put your team at risk. For example it’s well known our agency lost 50% of our business, but is luckily still in power to keep our team and keep growing. So don’t be afraid to ask your peers and mentors to help, how can I help you? You’ll be surprised how far this simple mentality can help get a lot closer to your goals.

Bonus Create your own top 10 list.

What does the real top 10 things list look like? The truth is no one really knows. This is why times of uncertainty can be beneficial and help you leap frog ahead. We’d love to hear and share your thoughts. Don’t know where to start? Just start by making and sharing your own list, because the last thing that’ll help is doing nothing.



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