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Seattle Sustainable Landscapes


How Does Seattle Sustainable Landscapes Obtain Sufficient Workload?


Introduction on Seattle Sustainable Landscapes

Seattle Sustainable Landscapes is a full-service landscaping company dedicated to bringing sustainable practices to the landscaping industry. The team brings 20+ years of experience with landscape construction & maintenance. They design and build fences, gates, retaining walls, patios, decks, and walkways. They also offer services related to yard maintenance including landscape design, irrigation system installation and outdoor lighting.

David and Nicolette McCrary bought the business in October 2022. Unsatisfied with the website visibility, they contacted Logic Inbound asking for SEO and PPC services.

The Challenge

The client was not satisfied with their website rankings and amount of leads they were getting from Google. They contacted us asking for a winning marketing strategy that is already starting to deliver results. Consultations and planning for the project only recently began in early November 2022.

Logic Inbound’s Marketing Strategy

After understanding the client’s business model and goals, Logic Inbound proposed:

  1. Setting up a PPC campaign for quick results
  2. Building a new website that will be optimized for conversions
  3. Starting a full scope SEO project

What did we do in the second half of November 2022?

  1. Getting acclimated with their business and the landscaping industry in their area
  2. Researching the PPC Competition in Seattle
  3. Researching PPC keywords and pulling traffic forecasts
  4. Setting up a Google Search campaign for prioritized services promotionGoogle Ads campaign started on the last day that month.The first week was aimed at analysis of early metrics and campaign adjustments according to the real data we paid for.

Outcomes of Logic Inbound’s Work

Leads started inquiring and calling the business from the second week. Since more data has been collected in December, we learned how to achieve more leads and pay less per lead.

In December 2022 we achieved 8 lead conversions at a cost of $179 per lead.

In February 2023 we achieved 10 conversions at a cost of $62 per lead. Importantly, a brand new, upgraded website was published in January 2023. The first half of March ended with 19 lead conversions at a cost of $46 per lead.

Having in mind David and Nicolette bought a 7 year old business and one year old website that has not been advertised, they achieved huge success in less than 3 months of their ownership.

Today they are provided with a significantly increased workload that requires upsizing their capacities. We are happy to be a part of their business growth strategy.

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We’ve seen a significant uptick in inbound leads, they run our PPC and are building out our SEO campaign.

They’ve been very flexible, phone, video call, google sheets, really everything that has been convenient for me.

They’ve [also] been incredibly helpful in educating us as much as we could handle over time and it was great that they have had direct experience with our specific industry and geographical location.

Source: Clutch

David McCary

Owner, Seattle Sustainable Landscapes