Podcast FAQs

What’s the podcast about and why did you start it?

Vital Doc Talk is about helping doctors grow and improve their practice. Logic Inbound has worked with multiple doctors and learned that in school doctors seldom get the business training and knowledge they need to succeed.

In our podcast we focus on what we’re most passionate about: helping doctors grow.

Naturally having these conversations with doctors anyways, we’ve decided to simply record them and provide them as a resource. Our mission is to empower the doctor community and this is one of the many ways we do so!

What are the benefits of being on Vital Doc Talk?

There are too many reasons for us to list on why getting on a podcast and branding yourself is useful.

Here are some quick ones:

  • You get to talk about your product/service and therefore gain new insights on it yourself. 
  • You get exposure to our audience of doctors and listeners each episode at minimum gets about 1,000 views.
  • You get to access our network of previous guests whom we can reach out to connect you too including successful doctors who run multiple facilities or are best selling authors.
  • You get to earn a partner connection in us Logic Inbound.
  • We have a partner program specifically created for doctors that we’re constantly building to create value full of free and paid valuable options.
  • You get a backlink on youtube. Getting a link from youtube is great for your website.
  • Last, but not least you get a recorded video of someone interviewing you that brands you as an authority in your field that you can highlight on your website or email signature adding to your reputation. 

What’s the format of the show?

The show has a casual format since it was started during Covid 19 as an effort to help doctors navigate the changing landscape and recorded at home.

We can always edit any mistakes, however we prefer to record as much as possible to keep it authentic. The topic format for each episode is covered below.

Look for questions around these topics:

  • Background 
  • Favorite Method Of Marketing
  • How You Handle Setbacks – Coronavirus is discussed here
  • 1 Vital Action Step

When will my episode air?

It normally takes 10 business days to air an episode, it could happen faster, but this is the standard we give everyone.

What can I do to help?

  • Have a fast internet connection during the episode. We like to do a video recording on Zoom so it’ll help the smoothness. 
  • Promote before on the day you record our episode and after when we publish it on social media!
  • If you think there are guests worthwhile please introduce us to them we’re always looking for great guests to be on the show.
  • Keep in touch. We started the podcast to help the community and further provide value. So make sure to stay in touch and let us know how we can be of service. Just look at us as a resource!