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How Does SEO Work?

SEO, also called search engine optimization, is a method of getting your website to show up prominently when people run searches. These searchers are absolutely critical to getting people to your website. Improving your placement in search rankings not only means more traffic on your website, but more customers learning about your products and services.

Clearly, people using search terms related to your brand already intend to buy products and services similar to your own. We can even look at the search terms people are using in order to figure out how close someone is to making a purchase. If people search using phrases such as “steel frame bike vs. aluminum frame” it indicates that are only beginning to investigate products. Their search is still focused on basic facts and information and hasn’t progressed deeper. In contrast, someone searching brand names has progressed in the buying lifecycle and someone using a search query such as “buy bike model X” is at the end of the cycle and clearly knows what they want.

We at Logic Inbound strive to understand the needs of customers at all these stages in a customer’s search. With a nuanced approach that looks at different behavior during each part of the cycle, we get your name high up in search results and direct traffic to your website. In particular, we tailor our approach to the earliest stages of the buying lifestyle, when you can capture the most incoming search traffic.

Our Strategies for Delivering on SEO

If you try to look for SEO tips on your own, you’ll face an avalanche of information and advice. It’s no wonder that so many people are overwhelmed when faced with such a seemingly daunting task. There’s no way to focus your efforts when you’re examining 150 different things that supposedly all factor in to SEO.

Don’t worry. Out of those hundreds of SEO indicators, there are a crucial four or five that are worth focusing on. At Logic Inbound, we have a laser focus on these key four to five indicators, narrowing our attention to these areas:

    • research
    • site structure
    • authority
    • relevance
    • content

We believe that by sticking to the indicators that matter most, we can get you the best results in the most efficient manner possible. We understand that keeping our eye on the most important SEO metrics will produce better results than looking at 150 at once.


When consumers are researching products or services they need, they aren’t thinking about SEO. The human element makes SEO more tricky to nail down. Despite the ambiguity, determining how the average person searches for something in Google is critical. For example, the difference in impressions between the search terms “Phoenix seo” and “Phoenix seo company” can be thousands of searches per year. The discrepancy in search phrases may be tiny, but can mean the difference between dozens of visitors on your website and thousands.

This is why we do extensive research into exactly what people are searching for and how. We examine organic search terms to pick out the precise phrasing people use when looking through Google for terms related to your products and services. We are confident that our approach to SEO research can produce tangible results for your brand. We will get your website higher up in Google searches so that the people who land on it end up becoming paying customers.

Site Structure

A strong website with excellent structure and design is one of the most important factors in getting brand a higher rank in search results. Your Google rank can be severely negatively impacted by bad sit structure. In addition, poor site structure could mean missing out on showing up in searches where you should be placing high up. Higher traffic flow to traffic and more customers making purchases comes directly from strong site structure. A bullet pointed list of simple information can improve site structure tremendously and help get information to visitors. This is why we place such a high value on optimizing site structure for our clients.


Backlinks help build authority for your website by directing traffic to you that comes from other authoritative sites. This may include your own website, but we look more broadly as well. We understand how text and links interact to build your website’s authority in Google’s eyes so that it places higher in searches. A combination of internal and external links work together to establish the authority of your website in relation to related search terms.

Google values authoritative websites with links much more highly. Users who may have missed your website will take note when Google ranks it highly in their searches. These authentic impressions are a great way to also build trust with an audience of new customers. Brand loyalty naturally follows from being ranked highly in Google as an authoritative website. The bonuses of this approach are not simply in the realm of SEO, but impact your day to day business. Consumers of all sorts crave powerful and tailored information that is relevant to their interests, needs and curiosity.


It sounds sounds, but the pages that make up a website get closely analyzed by Google. This is great news for you, as it makes it more possible to outrank websites that are technically stronger and more authoritative on any given search query. You can use targeted search terms to discover opportunities to create tailored content pages that are structured well and authoritative.

Logic Inbound can help with this effort by creating powerful, customized content. Our content can lift your website up the ranks and have it competing toe to toe with more robust websites that might seem too strong to try to rank against. We can sift through search terms to determine which are the strongest and can help lift your brand. Our research goes deeper than just seeing what people are looking for in Google. We want to make our work relevant to you and your brand. Good content means higher rank, while junk content does little more than clutter up your website. We therefore strive to create content that is genuinely meaningful for your customers.


Ultimately, there is nothing that will raise or lower your ranking in Google as much as the content on your website will. Nothing will get you results the way content will. Even the most well-known brand’s websites might place lower than you in search result ranking if you have better content.

We can produce content that is optimized for your brand and SEO approach. We know that more robust, longer and better structured content is what gets results. We use these methods for our own in-house content as well. Would you be surprised to find that Logic Inbound’s website outranks Instagram’s for “contact Instagram support” and Shopify’s for “Is Shopify safe?” We wouldn’t recommend any techniques we wouldn’t use for ourselves and we have seen with our own content how well long, structured, robust content can raise the rank of a website competing with other brands.

What Makes Us the Best SEO Provider in Phoenix?

We are confident in our work at Logic Inbound and back up our results with data. Whether you are a massive company or a small startup, we can work with you to produce SEO content that will improve your search ranking. {Here are just a few of the reasons we are so confident in our work:

  • We work with some of Phoenix’s most innovative brands
  • Our own site is ranked is on the first page of Google for 600+ keywords
  • We see over 20,000 visits a month from Google|

We backup our work with real results, including:

  • Working with innovative Phoenix brands
  • Getting our own site onto the first page of Google results for more than 600 keywords
  • Getting more than 20,000 visits from Google per week|

Here are some of the ways in which we have excelled in the field of SEO:

  • We work with innovative brands in Phoenix
  • We have gotten our own company website onto the first page of search results for 600+ search queries
  • Our own website gets more than 20,000 visits a month from Google

As we’ve grown, so has our client base. We have been able to improve the search results of everyone from law firms to big retailers. It doesn’t matter what product or service you specialize in; our techniques will work for your SEO needs. We’ve worked for a range of industries and know how to tailor our approach for whatever your brand calls for.

SEO Agency vs. SEO Consultant:

At Logic Inbound, we consider ourselves a well-rounded SEO agency. But why should you use an SEO agency rather than an SEO consultant?

For one thing, an agency is a team. When you work with a team, you are sure to find people who understand your products and services, as well as your SEO needs. Unlike a consultant, a team has the ability to exchange information to create deeper knowledge across topics. The downside of a consultant is that they cannot access the same level of collaboration. We see our teamwork as our strength, as it makes our methods and results stronger.

It is not unusual for a consultant to remain a consultant only until they eventually can expand their business into an agency. The downside to working with a consultant is that they have a very limited scope because they can only take on enough work for one person. Teams don’t face this trouble. Teams can expand their capacity by sharing work across team members. No matter the project, we have the experience and background among our team members to execute the right SEO strategy.

The Difference Between Consulting and Implementation

We have a two-pronged approach that includes SEO consulting and SEO implementation. These two approaches are both important, but involve different outcomes. Often it is a combination of these two that gets the right outcome. Whether to only get a consultation or also have us implement strategies depends on your goals. If you’re crunched for time and resources, let us implement your total SEO strategy. You won’t need to worry when we report back with data that backs up our promises.

SEO Consulting

SEO consulting is the research-heavy part of our SEO strategy.

It includes the following approaches:

    • Researching keywords
    • Your website’s structure
    • Building authority
    • Being relevant
    • Creating content

It’s important to examine your current site through the lens of these components when we are consulting. We want our clients to feel like they have ownership over our findings. We are just here to offer our knowledge and resources at the beginning stages. We’ll tell you what will work in order to get your website ranking higher in Google search results, whether that’s more and stronger content to build authority and relevance, revamping the website’s structure or just making sure the right keywords are associated with your site.

The goal is to have you in charge again soon. When we work with you as SEO consultants, we provide the know-how, but you do the implementation. Some clients prefer to have their content written or restructured in-house and we understand that. We can provide a road map that your team can follow using their own voice, style and business specific knowledge. You have insight on your brand that no one else in the world has, so you may be the best person to speak on it.

SEO Implementation

All that said, not everyone can implement. Many of our clients also hire us for SEO implementation, as well as consulting. Where consulting stops after information gathering and planning for an SEO strategy, implementation goes a step further to actually put our research into action.

We can look at brands similar to your own while doing our SEO implementation, which can also include a website restructuring and content creation.

When we do an implementation, we may:

  • Create content
  • Write articles
  • Restructure pages and content
  • Research keywords
  • Report on progress and success

You won’t need to wonder; we provide reporting during our process that shows if you’re getting more traffic or improving search ranking. Our proven SEO strategies go beyond our research techniques. At Logic Inbound, we use SEO methods that result in powerful, measurable results for your website and brand.

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We are completely invested in the success of our clients. It’s important that we gather some information about your company and your current marketing efforts in order to deliver a project proposal that will fit your business and your goals.

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