How We Helped a Mobile Auto Repair Company Decrease Costs of Qualified Leads by 282% in Less Than a Month


Our client is a mobile car mechanic company that services the Southern Ontario area. They have been in business for over 5 years and they provide individual car repairs as well as fleet repairs and maintenance. 

With over 240 stellar Google reviews, they have filled an invaluable and much-needed niche in the Ontario area. The only problem was that they were spending too much money on qualified leads and ads and they weren’t seeing a significant return for their investment.

After less than 30 days of working with Logic Inbound running their ads campaign, our client saw a 282% reduction in their cost per qualified lead. 


This client approached Logic Inbound with a problem. They were spending a significant amount of money on Paid Ads under the guidance of another consultant. Although they had been working with that consultant for some time, the client was running the ad campaign by themself. 

After a few months of lackluster results, it was time for a change. Logic Inbound was tasked with developing a more efficient and cost-effective ad campaign that would produce higher-quality leads. Additionally, we were tasked with improving the structure and layout of the client’s website which would lead to better conversions. 


Logic Inbound kicked off the client’s Ad campaign with the following:


Identified key issues that were delaying growth and enhancing costs


Business Model, Website Review, and previous Ads review


Analysis of organic and paid marketing campaigns


Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis


Detailed review of “Search Terms” report


Campaign setup and launch


Our client has the quality, experience, and manpower to deliver on everything that they were offering, and their clientele was loyal and beyond satisfied. Logic Inbound was able to identify that the primary problems were ineffective keyword usage, utilizing poor bid times, superfluous queries and keywords, and lackluster copy. 

Logic Inbound took the time to review the historical performance of the keywords that were being utilized in the copy. This allowed us to identify which keywords and queries were not performing well and gave us the opportunity to replace them with more effective ones that were able to drive traffic toward the client’s website. 

We then focused on removing the queries that were leading to wasted spending, removing duplication between ad groups, and creating a display campaign that allowed us to target the prospects that were most likely to convert. 

Finally, Logic Inbound focused on strengthening the client’s website by moving their strongest copy to the most visible parts of the website, simplifying their sign-up process, and leveraging Google’s dynamic phone number to track on-page phone call conversions.


Logic Inbound hit the ground running and was able to produce almost immediate positive results. We focused on fixing the issues with the clients existing ads from the ground up by focusing on improving keywords and adjusting and improving the effectiveness and timing of bids for qualified leads. 

Once the primary work was done, we then moved on to creating tightly themed ad groups to better reach the target demographic in addition to leveraging all available and applicable ad extensions. 

This allowed Logic Inbound to increase the amount of relevant content that was shown in each ad while improving the ad’s quality score. Simultaneously, we were able to leverage specific keywords which created more relevant copy and allowed our ads to be more effective. 

Logic Inbound was able to not only reduce the cost per click of each ad due to these improvements, but we also reduced the client’s costs per qualified lead by 282% in our first 30 days working with them.  

Ad Examples

Bar graph showing organic users generated on a website