Google Local Service Ads (LSAs) 

We Drive Rapid Growth for Businesses with Local Focused Reach

Logic Inbound’s expert search ads team specializes in maximizing the potential of Local Services Ads, providing businesses with a streamlined and effective approach to this new and cost effective way of local advertising.

We are proud to offer this highly effective strategy for growth and customer base expansion for local businesses, especially if your website still needs time to generate organic exposure.

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What are Google Local Services Ads (Google LSAs) ?


Local Services Ads (LSAs) by Google are paid ads that help local service businesses collect leads directly through phone calls and message requests.

They appear prominently at the top of search results, presenting an opportunity for service-based businesses to capture potential customers seeking local services.

The key difference versus traditional PPC (pay-per-click) ads is their pay-per-lead model, where businesses only incur costs when users contact them. 

Why Choose Local Services Ads?

Increased Visibility and Quality Leads

Local Services Ads deliver better visibility for your business’s website, placing it directly in front of users actively seeking local services. 

If managed properly, local services ads can provide high quality, qualified leads for your business consisting of customers who are genuinely interested in your offering(s).

Pay-per-Lead Model

The pay-per-lead model provides a cost-effective approach to local ads by eliminating the need to pay for impressions or clicks. Businesses only pay if potential customers initiate contact.

No Unqualified Traffic

One of the key advantages of Local Services Ads is the built-in mechanism to filter out unqualified traffic. This means your ad budget is only spent on leads, minimizing wasted budget on interactions (clicks and impressions) that don’t contribute to your business goals.


Geo Targeting Options

Target your advertising strategy locally with specific geo-targeting options, allowing your ads to appear only in select cities or ZIP codes where your services are most relevant.

Pause and Resume Campaigns Anytime

Adaptability is a crucial aspect of successful advertising. Local Services Ads, managed by Logic Inbound, can be paused and resumed at any time, allowing businesses to align their advertising budget with changing business needs, seasonal trends, or special promotions.

Integration with Voice Search

LSAs can appear in voice search results through Google Assistant’s responses to relevant queries. This feature alone positions LSAs as a futuristic and effective paid advertising option.

High Conversion Rates

LSAs have higher conversion rates (up to 14%) because of their precise targeting. By reaching audiences that are actively searching for specific services, businesses can capture the attention of users with a genuine intent to make a purchase.


How Logic Inbound Can Help

Expert Management Services

Logic Inbound offers expert management services with tailored strategies to optimize your Local Services Ads campaign. Our experienced search ads team monitors performance and makes ongoing adjustments for optimal results.

Google Guaranteed Badge

Logic Inbound can provide assistance in obtaining the Google Guaranteed badge. This badge is given to services that have gone through background checks and provide safe, effective solutions.

Why Choose Logic Inbound

Experienced Search Ads Team

With a proven track record, Logic Inbound brings extensive experience and expertise, ensuring your Local Services Ads campaign performs well.

Transparent Cost-Per-Lead Metrics

Logic Inbound provides transparent insights into your cost-per-lead metrics, allowing you to make informed decisions about your advertising budget.

Custom Solutions and Campaigns

Every single client we work with is evaluated and presented with a unique, custom-tailored campaign that best fits the business and their audience. Furthermore, our marketing specialists provide expert support throughout the project, enabling us to polish and improve strategies with flexibility along the way.

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Why are Google Local Service Ads (LSAs) Important?

Local Service ads are becoming more and more critical as a component of your web marketing campaign. At Logic Inbound, we always prefer a data-driven approach, so let’s take a look at some numbers related to LSAs.

  • 80% of Local Searches for Businesses end up converting
  • Searches involving the phrase “near me” have exploded 500% in recent years
  • About 46% of all Google searches are for Local Businesses
  • 78% of people search for Local Businesses at least once a week
  • Half of all consumers prefer to buy from Local brands
  • 85% of patrons research brick-and-mortar shops online before visiting in person
  • Nearly 45% of Local searchers will click on the Google Map Pack
  • Almost 20% of Local searches result in a purchase within 24 hours

These statistics are just the tip of the Google Business Places iceberg, but just these alone are reason enough to consider advertising with Local Services Ads.

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