Meet is a leader in custom branded cannabis related products for smoke shops and marijuana dispensaries. It’s founder, Patrick Woods has been running promotional product businesses since 2011 and has customers in all 50 states and in dozens of countries around the world.

The Challenge

The Ganja Print team has strong understanding from how to grow a promotional products brand from many years of executing on traditional marketing campaigns, but didn’t have the skillset in-house to execute on digital marketing campaigns. Patrick and company were reasonably sure people were searching for their products, but didn’t know how much opportunity search represented, or how to execute on a successful campaign.

The Results is built on WooCommerce, and we used our WooCommerce SEO playbook to execute the campaign.

Halfway through the campaign, Ganja Print changed its name away from its original name of because BICs would not allow Ganja Print to sell products other than BIC lighters on

Keyword Research

Our keyword research identified dozens of keywords related to ‘custom & ‘wholesale’ cannabis paraphernalia such as lighters, lanyards, jars, and more with tens of thousands of searches every month.

Each of these searches represented hundreds and thousands of dollars in revenue of bulk, branded merchandise.

The search volume combined with revenue numbers indicated that a successful campaign would deliver enough ROI to justify investing into search marketing.


Our keyword research indicated we would need to optimize the home page, 7 product pages and 1 category pages to capture all the search traffic we identified.

Each landing page was optimized for the:

  • URL
  • Meta Title
  • Meta Description
  • H1
  • H2s

Using our strategy for on-page optimization.


We looked at the strength of Ganja Print’s competitors and used our strategy for determining how much content to write, we wrote 2,000 words of content with structured data such as a table and bullet points.


Using our backlink playbook, we built just enough backlinks to drive Ganja Print’s rankings and traffic through the roof.

Domain Migration

We had achieved over 30+ 1st page rankings we did not want to lose while migrating domains from to To ensure a smooth transition without any business impact, we:

  • Setup 301 redirects
  • Moved over SEO optimized content
  • Managed a phased roll-out approach by redirected the inner pages on first while leaving the home page up

This allowed us to rank both domains simultaneously for ‘custom bic lighters’


Between November 2016 and February 2018 Ganja Print achieved 51 1st page keywords, with 30% of those keywords ranking in the top 3 positions.



1st and 2nd page keyword rankings report:

custom lighter wraps1100
printed bic lighters130
custom clipper lighters1150
custom printed bic lighters150
custom bic lighter wraps1100
custom bic lighters small quantities1100
promotional bic lighters110
custom clipper lighter130
bic lighters colors220
custom bic lighter wraps2100
bic lighter wraps340
bic lighter colors3100
custom logo bic lighters320
branded lighters380
customized bic lighters4150
custom bic lighters wholesale480
lighter wraps440
custom bics450
customizable bic lighters520
customized lighters bic520
design your own bic lighter580
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printed lighters6150
bic lighter logo680
dab jars6150
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printing lighters720
custom bic lighters72000
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custom logo lighter740
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1000 bic lighters1120
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make your own bic1130
custom lighters wholesale12100
custom bic lighter stickers1230
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custom lighter labels1210
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mini bic lighter dimensions2050
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lighter leashes bulk2030




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