Digital Marketing Agency in Seattle

A Different Digital Marketing Agency in Seattle, Wash.

When a business gets serious about improving its visibility and marketing, it often seeks a digital marketing agency. Among the slew of options available, many agencies can start to blur together, seeming all too similar to one another.

Logic Inbound is a different type of digital marketing agency located right in downtown Seattle, Wash. With a focus on content and SEO (search engine optimization), Logic Inbound is heavily results-focused.

No matter who you go with for digital marketing, you should get an experience tailored to your business, not just a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach. Each business is different, so even if the basic principles of digital marketing hold true, you deserve to have the personality of your business taken into account when you’re doing your digital marketing. Ultimately, marketing is about much more than just a name and a product. Good digital marketing can expand your audience and attract not just new customers but people who become true fans of your brand, loyal to your products for a long time to come.

How Digital Marketing Works

Digital marketing employs a range of strategies. It isn’t any one, single thing, but rather a plethora of approaches that integrate to form a cohesive approach. Digital marketing includes:

  • Social commerce
  • Referrals
  • PR, events and sales
  • Online marketing
  • Online advertising
  • Offline advertising

It might seem like things such as offline advertising are strange to include as part of digital marketing, but a comprehensive plan reaches beyond just Google searches. There are multiple ways to get people to your store or website, both online and offline.

Diving even deeper, there are specific platforms, techniques and approaches that fit within digital marketing and help promote your brand. This can include:

All of these creates a network of integrated approaches to digital marketing. Not every solution is correct for every business. This is why digital marketing has to be individual to each brand. Some brands can take an all-online approach, while for others those traditional and offline means of marketing are still very relevant and important. A successful approach is the one that takes into account your business and tailors digital marketing approaches to that.  

Digital Marketing in Seattle Doesn’t Have to be Hard

This may make it sounds like digital marketing is difficult, complicated and hard to pull off, but successful digital marketing can be simple. If digital marketing is tailored to your business, then it is simply a natural extension of the types of things you already do to reach your customers. You don’t need to (and probably shouldn’t) reinvent your brand and marketing approach in order to accomodate digital marketing; rather, it should be an extension of who you already as as a company.

Additionally, Logic Inbound can make digital marketing easy by doing the heavy lifting for you. Our experts in content, marketing and SEO understand how to make the most of your advertising budget and time. The burden will be entirely off your shoulders when you trust us with your digital marketing needs.

The Types of Businesses Digital Marketing Agencies Help

We believe that digital marketing can help just about every business, but of course there are some types of businesses that may benefit more from digital marketing campaigns than others. There are few industries that won’t benefit from digital marketing, but our clients include:

  • Law firms
  • Workshare companies
  • Mold remediation companies
  • Health products
  • And more

In 2018 and beyond, digital marketing is poised to only become bigger and more popular among businesses and brands of all types. Trends within digital marketing could start turning toward augmented and virtual reality and away from traditional influencer marketing. Digital marketing tends to make use of whatever the latest and more interesting technology available is, so don’t be surprised if you see campaigns that include VR and AR technology as those technologies become more prominent in all aspects of society.

Techniques and Best Practices by Digital Marketing Agencies

Some of the best practices we try to follow when doing digital marketing include:

  • Keep the customers in mind and target the right audience
  • Try to advertise on mobile devices
  • Use metrics to measure success
  • Personalize the campaign to the customers
  • Use social media well
  • Set clear goals and try to meet them

These general principles can help keep you on track when you’re strategizing and then executing on a digital marketing plan. Overall, it is always critical to know who the audience for the marketing campaign is and tailor the advertising to those customers as much as possible. People will respond best to advertising that speaks directly to them and finds them in places they already go – such as on their mobile devices and social media. In this way, digital marketing should feel natural and unobtrusive, a regular part of what people are already doing. This makes an ad for furniture, for example, a helpful distraction rather than an intrusive nuisance. Digital marketing should feel natural and easy, both for you and for your customers. It’s not about shoving blinking, blaring ads in people’s faces, but rather about convincing genuine customers that you have something worthwhile to offer them.

Finding Success Through Digital Marketing

All of this adds up to finding real success with digital marketing. A digital marketing agency can help hne your approach and take care of some of the nitty gritty details involved in producing the campaign. At Logic Inbound, we have extensive experience in digital marketing. Our team can produce content that reaches your current customers, draws in new customers and generates business and brand loyalty.

Contact us today to get started building your digital marketing strategy. See where you can go if you execute on that plan. Success will depend on your business and your goals for the future, but no matter what you’re hoping to achieve through digital marketing, we can help propel you in the right direction