What is SEO?

Search engine optimization is about more than keywords. It’s how people find you when they search in Google. It’s how you get your brand out into the world and attract new customers who may become fans.

The key to SEO is visibility. Strong SEO means your website is more visible in Google searches. Whether you’re a law office or a bicycle shop or a small startup tech company, visibility means more people checking out your products and services and more new customers.

We believe getting visibility as early in the buying process as possible is crucial for success. Some target their SEO approach at only the most specific keywords related to a business’s website. The law office might only target keywords such as “law office in Boston” or the name of their law office. This captures only a small range of the internet traffic out there.

Our approach goes for a wider audience. We try to capture the widest possible range of searches in order to dramatically increase your traffic. Instead of “law office in Boston” we might also optimize for keywords like “what should I do after an accident?” or “how to get help after truck accident.” We believe that this approach increases your visibility better than going with a narrow SEO focus.

Our approach as a Boston SEO agency

Running a business is more than a full-time job already. Many of our clients become understandably overwhelmed when they then try to take on SEO as well. A quick search about SEO might tell you there are 150 or more metrics to try to optimize across. That’s an impossible task for anyone, but especially for people running a business.

We get it. That’s why we aim to take the burden of SEO entirely off your shoulders. As experts in the field of SEO, we know how to meet your Boston SEO needs with minimal fuss on your side. We’ve identified the five most important factors in getting superb SEO results in Google and we tailor our focus to those particular items. Those metrics are:

  • Research
  • Site Structure
  • Authority
  • Relevance
  • Content

Don’t give up on SEO because it seems like an impossibly large task. We have experience and expertise, and are eager to help you with all your SEO needs. Let us improve your SEO by honing in on these five key areas.


People are fickle. They don’t search in neat, predictable, uniform ways. Luckily, we’ve put in the time and research to figure out what people are looking for in Google and how. Did you know that the difference between terms as similar as “Boston SEO” and “Boston SEO company” could be thousands of hits? Even discrepancies this small make a huge difference in how your website performs in searches.

Site Structure

You might not think of the structure of your website has anything to do with whether it appears on the first page of Google searches, but it actually plays a huge role. A website with strong structure can easily outrank stronger websites and big brands. In fact, if you let your site structure lapse, the opposite can also be true: You can fail to rank as highly as you should, even if you have a lot of content and backlinks. Site structure can really make or break your SEO strategy, but we have a lot of proven approaches we employ to ensure your site structure is strong enough to get you high up in Google searches.


Speaking of backlinks, they are one of the ways of building authority, in Google’s eyes. High-quality backlinks to websites Google considers authoritative also lend credibility to your website and strengthen its search ranking.


Things like backlinks have the most impact in the context of individual website pages. It may sound crazy, but Google actually looks at individual pages of your website when coming up with its rankings. So very strong pages with relevant content and authoritative backlinks make a huge difference in how your website shows up in searches. We have a ton of strategies around building well-structured pages full of relevant content that Google loves. These pages can make a huge impact on how much traffic your website gets and how much of that traffic ultimately converts into customers.


Run a quick search for “contact Instagram support.” It isn’t Instagram’s own website you’ll come across first, but ours. Why is that? Because our content around “contact Instagram support” is stronger than even Instagram’s.

Content is the single most important factor in this list. Even if you have perfectly executed and optimized the other four factors described here, without strong content you won’t get anywhere in your SEO. Content is the core of our focus because we understand how huge an impact it has on your search ranking. And, as with the Instagram support example, we even put those practices in place for our own website. That’s how much we believe in them.

Why we are the best Boston SEO company

There are a lot of Boston SEO companies out there, but why are we the best for you? Besides the success we have with our own website, which gets more than 5,000 visits a week from Google searches, we also have attracted an impressive list of clients who trust us to build their SEO approach. These clients include companies like PAC.com, who produce the bubble mailer used by Amazon, and ATLAS WorkBase, an innovative workshare company.

Our own website ranks on the first page of Google for more than 300 keywords. We can do the same for you. Start here to begin improving your SEO and driving more traffic to your website.

SEO Agency vs. SEO Consultant

When searching for a Boston SEO company, you may see a lot of SEO agencies as well as SEO consultants. We are an SEO agency. We believe having an agency on your side is a stronger approach for several reasons, including:

  • Agencies have more time and resources to devote to each client. A contractor is a single individual, so they can only give as much time as they personally have. As an agency, we can give a lot more time to each of our clients to make sure all their needs are met.
  • Consultants are a single point of failure. Without a team to rely on, the entire project is on them. As an agency, we can pool resources, knowledge and experience to meet the expectations of any of our clients. We can support each other when working on SEO to make sure there is a safety net for us and our clients.
  • Consultants are often only consultants because they lack the resources, experience and clients to become an agency. We have grown into an agency naturally and therefore already know we have the resources and experience to improve our clients’ SEO. A consultant is still trying to achieve what we have as an agency.

SEO Consulting vs. SEO Implementation

We work with clients in two ways: SEO consulting and SEO implementation. We can use either or both approaches depending on the specific needs of our clients. Learn more about the differences between these approaches below to decide which is right for you.

SEO Consulting

Did all of the information above about how to rank higher sound a bit daunting? That’s where SEO consulting comes in. Let us handle research, site structure, authority, relevance and content. We will do all the research and design a strategy that we are sure will work for you. This will include researching which keywords will drive the most traffic and identifying areas where your site structure can improve. We will do all the legwork so you don’t have to.

Sometimes, this is just the first step in a broader SEO strategy. However, we do have some clients who have their own in-house teams who can handle the implementation part of SEO. They just need us to do the research and investigation. In that case, we are happy to work with them simply in an advisory capacity and leave them to make any tweaks or improvements to their own websites.

SEO Implementation

Not everyone has time, resources or desire to implement on an SEO strategy. That’s why we also offer SEO implementation. We will do all the same work we’d do for SEO consulting, but apply it as well. Don’t bother with writing content or changing around page structure. Let us do all that with our team of skilled SEO experts. As an SEO agency, we have a skilled team who can easily handle SEO implementation for a wide range of clients across many different fields. Take all the stress out of SEO by letting us implement strategies that we’re sure will drive traffic. All you’ll need to do is keep running your business and watch the traffic increase.

Whether you just want SEO consulting or you also want SEO implementation, we at Logic Inbound are ready to help you improve your SEO. This crucial piece of your business is too often overlooked. Don’t miss out on gaining new customers and fans simply because you don’t feel like you have time to worry about search engine results. We can do the heavy lifting while you keep running your business.



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