Hey guys,

So we’re growing and I just experienced my second time onboarding a sales person! 

As anything we’re trying to do more, do it faster and do it better every time.

I’m going to write out what I’m going to do today vs. what we did in the past and come up with all the ways we can improve the sales journey.

Give A Quick Direct Experience

The first thing I did today during onboarding (which I think is exciting) is instead of doing boring paperwork, I actually had my sales person shadow me on a sales call before everything was even set up! 

This really helped him see how possible it was to get sales, learn more about the process by seeing it in action and gave him some action vs. boring onboarding.

You wanna set the picture, begin with the end in mind. 

The more direct experience he’ll have the better. 

I told him of course there’s tough parts, but showing the highlight I think builds an excitement everyone should have. 

Have A Simple Process

We have a simple process for sales: 

  1. Intro call 
  2. Analysis call

I took him through the basics here. The challenge with a complex process is it takes too long to hire, everything should be simplified. 

What Does Thriving Look Like?

This is the biggest thing to get clear that we didn’t in the past.

Today this is the direction we’re moving and obviously the opposite is how to fail.

Most people have a “how to do your job” training, however they don’t have a “how to thrive guide”. You should always aim for greatness so your people know where you’re going.

Show Them How To Make Training Material

I used to think all the training material needed to be made perfectly.


Sure the basics need to be created.

Everyone needs to know how to fill in the gap and create training material. 

Yes you should have an understanding of how to do tasks.

But most importantly you should teach them what to do when the answer IS NOT there. 

NO you should not control them, let your people experiment and show them how to update tasks.

Show them how to train others, let them be free and grow. 

Only step in when things are going in the wrong direction, then correct it and let them go again, this is one of the hardest parts of leadership for me.

Anyways, as always open to comments, feedback as I’m learning.

“The enemy of execution is complexity” – Tony Robbins



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