Dave Biehn Marketing is a marketing consultancy that has been in business since 1993. They focus on identifying the correct strategies and vendor partnerships to solve each client’s unique challenges.


Prior to working with Logic Inbound, Dave Biehn Marketing was constantly searching for a strong digital solution for their clients. They found that many competitors and media companies would overpromise and dramatically underdeliver through weak ads, minimal strategy, poor measurement, and ineffective communication

“Logic Inbound was a highly experienced drill-down company that could give me the answers to the questions I needed, including giving me a base for creative decisions based on metrics.”


Logic Inbound was able to solve all of these problems by offering a powerful and effective digital marketing package including SEO, email marketing, conversion rate optimization, and AdWords. We backed up our results with consistent reporting and strategic insights based on measurable impact. Today, Dave Biehn Marketing no longer spends any time taking calls from competing digital and SEO agencies because of the strength of Logic Inbound’s services. Logic Inbound’s clear and thorough analytics reporting make it easy for partners to explain the return on investment for our various marketing strategies.

“When I was looking for the right digital solution for my business, I based the decision on the level of expertise the company brings to me and on their communication skills. Logic Inbound delivered both of those to me.”

“Once we went through the probationary period with IMC with LI I could see that these guys were head and shoulders above the field. A lot of other companies that are bureaucracies charge a low fee, but you get what you pay for. Logic Inbound will charge you a very affordable fee but provide a depth of analysis that will stun. You won’t even believe it.”


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