Aldaris CPA Group offers Certified Public Accountant services with a personalized touch in the Seattle, Washington area. They engage with their clients at any time throughout the year, not just during tax season, in order to be involved in every facet of a business’s evolution or an individual’s short or long term goals. Aldaris also provides accounting and bookkeeping services for businesses with no internal accounting staff, part-time controller/CFO services, personal financial management, and credit management.

Key positive outcomes:

Organic Search Growth for Aldaris CPA

  • New leads from organic traffic for Aldaris CPA Group rose from nearly zero to an average of six to seven new inbound leads per week.
  • Increased gross receipts for Aldaris CPA by 496% using entirely SEO. Aldaris used no other marketing methods during this time.
  • Two search keyword variations ranking on the first page of Google.

What did Logic Inbound do?

Aldaris CPA Group was having trouble reaching the right people with information about their services. Although potential leads search Google for information about nearby accountants, typical marketing methods would either fail to reach those people or cost too much money to implement. The solution ended up being very simple: rank better in Google so that those people searching would find Aldaris CPA Group. This comparatively inexpensive technique paid dividends in the form of constant inbound leads.

On an average day, I have between 6 and 7 inbound leads either by phone or by contacting me via the website. – Edwin del Carpio, Founder of Aldaris CPA Group

Aldaris CPA Group found that within a few months, inbound leads were accelerating. In less than a year, it built into an explosion of interest. Aldaris was receiving a half-dozen new inbound leads, zero outreach required, every single day. This demonstrates the raw power of SEO for increasing profits in a professional services business like accounting and CPA services.

Search engine optimization from Logic Inbound efficiently and effectively grew revenue and improved the bottom line for Aldaris. Many modern consumers seeking an accountant or a professional service turn to Google, so driving as much of that traffic as possible to Aldaris CPA Group was critical to growing their revenue.

Between 2015 and 2016 my gross receipts increased by 496%. I don’t think I would have achieved that kind of result with traditional forms of marketing. If you are starting your own practice, invest in SEO. – Edwin del Carpio, Founder of Aldaris CPA Group

Keywords Targeted and Ranked on First Page:

Aldaris CPA Group ranks on the first page for both “seattle tax accountant” and “small business accountant seattle”.

Keyword Strategy

Aldaris CPA Group is a regional CPA / accountant service business that can expect most of their customers to come from the surrounding area. As a result, geographically focused keywords are most likely to convert the searcher into a paying customer. People who search local keywords for a professional service like accounting are often already interested in paying for it and are simply determining their available options.

Logic Inbound focuses on two main concepts to rank for keywords: relevance and authority. They focus on making sure Google understands what your site’s pages are about (relevance) and building Google’s faith that your site is reputable and useful (authority).


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