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SEO Penalty Recovery Service

Numerous clients in need of recovering from search penalty circumstances have been helped by Logic Inbound. Penalties such as these greatly limit clients’ site traffic, which puts a dent in their businesses.

They were able to get restored by our penalty recovery professionals, and valuable search traffic began flowing to their sites once again. If you would like a custom analysis, complete our form, or call us at 206-800-7477 for a custom analysis.

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Our Process

Below you will find the steps that we follow get rid of the unknown and give your site the highest possible chance of getting restored search traffic.

Step 1 – Diagnose The Penalty

Diagnosing the problem should always be the first step when recovering a penalty. It is critical to figure out the kind of penalty that is impacting the web site, such as a Penguin penalty, a Panda penalty, or a manual penalty.

A manual penalty is the easiest to pinpoint, because the owner of the website finds out about them through a notification in their Google Webmaster Tools, which is found by going to Search Traffic, and then Manual Actions. However, Penguin and Panda penalties are more difficult to pinpoint.

A drop in search traffic that is organic over a short time period typically points to penguin penalties. A drop in traffic is also seen in Panda penalties, but they may become obvious as traffic declines over a longer duration of time. Obviously, Penguin and Panda penalties can be easier detected if the drop in traffic correlates with a major Penguin or Panda update.

Step 2 – Penalty Remediation Plan

After the type of penalty affecting a webs site has been diagnosed, Logic Inbound develops a complex plan for remediation. This plan lays out the steps that we feel are necessary to take in order to get rid of the penalty.

This process may also include disavowal and/or removal of backlinks. It also may involve reversing major changes to the website’s content, such as removing content or adding content.

Logic Inbound possesses a fantastic track record of pinpointing penalty circumstances and creating remediation plans that pave the way for the recovery of SEO traffic. If you feel that a penalty is having a negative affect on your web site’s organic search traffic, let us pinpoint the issue and get your site up and running optimally again. Again, you can reach us by filling out our discovery form or by calling us at 206-800-7477.

Let Us Help You Recover from a Penalty

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