Shopify Support

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Shopify Support

Just over a decade ago Shopify was the twinkle in the eye of five founders working out of coffee shops. Today it is supported by over 3,000 employees working out of five offices around North America. With over 600,000 eCommerce websites powered by Shopify, and $55 billion in revenue, Shopify is the platform to use for your online store.


Where does Shopify have offices?

  • Ottawa
  • Toronto
  • San Francisco
  • Montreal
  • Waterloo

Even with this kind of rapid growth, the team at Shopify knows that each client is important. They offer several avenues of support for Shopify users to reach out to with questions, issues, and concerns.

How to Contact Shopify Customer Support

Shopify has extensive help resources in their Help Center. If nothing in their help articles answers your questions, they also have a staff of support reps available to help out 24/7. The best way to contact Shopify support is via phone at 1 (888) 746-7439.

Does Shopify have Chat Support for Users?

Shopify does offer live chat assistance to users. To reach a rep via live chat, click on Contact Us on the Shopify website. You’ll need to enter your question into a help box. The site automatically recommends help articles that might be relevant. If you still need help, click on the Get Help From the Shopify Support Team button.

Here are the contact options for Shopify Support:

  • Live Chat
  • Twitter Messenger
  • Email
  • Phone

Shopify Tech Support and What They Can Offer

Shopify tech support staff get high points on responsiveness, attentiveness, and knowledge. The team is friendly and they know what they are talking about. No matter your question or issue, you are in good hands should you choose to start your own eCommerce store through Shopify.

What Does Logic Inbound Offer Shopify Users that Shopify Customer Service Doesn’t?

While the Shopify support team is a very useful tool when building your eCommerce business, there are several elements your website needs in order to become a successful selling platform that you will not find through the customer support team.

How Logic Inbound Can Help with Your eCommerce Website

ServiceShopify SupportLogic Inbound
Increase Qualified Search Traffic & RevenueX
Build a New Shopify SiteX
Migrate Your Existing Site To ShopifyX


Here is How Logic Inbound Supports Shopify:

If you build the best eCommerce business with amazing products, but you don’t have good SEO on your website, no one will know about it. There are over 3.5 billion searches happening every day on Google, over 40,000 happening every second. Consider how many of those searchers are looking for products like yours.

90% of Google users will not click past the first page of results, so the competition for those first few search results is very high. When you speak to most SEO agencies, they will give you vague answers, referencing complex strategies and hundreds of Google ranking factors. At Logic Inbound we prefer to work directly with our clients to create the best campaign for their individual companies. We have had incredible success building our own SEO strategy. we’ll combine our SEO know-how with the knowledge you’ve gained through building your business and we’ll want to work together to find the best SEO strategy for you product and business.

The Logic Inbound SEO Approach

While SEO campaigns will be different for each business we work with, we have our own unique way of approaching SEO. Instead of looking at each of the 150+ Google ranking factors, we’ve narrowed these down to the top 5 most important.

The Five Most Important SEO Ranking Factors

  1. Research
  2. Site Structure
  3. Authority
  4. Relevance
  5. Content


When someone enters a search query into Google, they aren’t thinking about SEO. Finding out the most commonly searched terms and keywords isn’t necessarily intuitive. At Logic Inbound we have the tools and experience to do extensive consumer research. This is crucial for finding the relevant keywords that will drive traffic to your website and products.

Our research reveals that ways that real potential customers are naturally searching for products similar to yours. Our process will help steer you toward the terms that will have the highest impact for your eCommerce store. Our goal is to find the best customers for you and guide them through to make a purchase from your shop.

Site Structure

When a website is indexed, Google scans the entirety of the contents to learn what you are offering. Their intent is to make sure that your website is ranking for the correct search terms. At Logic Inbound, we can help you structure your website to ensure that it is fully optimized for Google.

The key things to keep in mind are content, links, and meta-data. There should be quality content on every page of your website. Each page should have links to other pages on your website. If you have a great page with fantastic content that completely stands alone, it’s doing you little to no good. Meta-data is important because it gives Google more information about your website and it guides potential buyers to your products.


A new website starts out with very little authority. The authority grows as the website gains links from outside websites. Earning links from high authority websites leads to quicker authority growth for your website. At Logic Inbound we have had a great deal of success with our link campaigns. With over 1639 keywords ranking on the first page of Google and 57,000 organic search visitors, Logic Inbound is prepared to use our learnings and contacts to help your website gain authority.


If you are working in the competitive fitness industry, it’s likely not going to matter if you have a keyword ranking on Google for potato chips. Having goals to rank for highly competitive keywords can be daunting. At Logic Inbound, we target those highly competitive keywords, but while we are working on those, we also look outside the box to target a variety of other relevant keywords that will help drive potential customers to your eCommerce store.


Most SEO agencies pick up clients at networking functions. At Logic Inbound, we’ve taken our search engine traffic from 10 organic visitors per month to 57,000 in a year through our unique approach to content strategy. When finding your SEO team, you want to make sure that they are demonstrating the exact skills for themselves that they you will be paying them for.

We don’t guess what people are searching for, we use data so we know exactly what people are searching for. We identify unique keyword opportunities for clients to rank for, and then we craft quality, well structured content around them.

Logic Inbound Offers Clearly Defined SEO Strategy that is Tailored to Your eCommerce Business

While Shopify offers many quality tools to support your eCommerce website, Logic Inbound can push your business to reach a whole new level. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

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