Content Marketing

Potential customers engage with your brand through more than just advertisements.

Relevant and useful information goes a long way in establishing trust and credibility with potential customers.

They’re waiting for you to dazzle them with relevant, informative content. Customers crave two particular things from a business: answers to their burning questions and solutions for their current problems, without creating more.

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High quality blog posts grab attention and increase brand awareness through search and shares. When they reel in new website visitors with relevant and informative content, those visitors build a relationship with your company, starting them on the path to becoming a customer.

We begin by carefully gathering client information and guidance. We then assess this information through the lens of search engine optimization best practices, mapping out blog posts so that the keywords, titles, descriptions, and page formatting are optimal for Google. It’s also critical to track performance one a blog post is out in the wild, so we analyze visitor metrics and use this information to improve the strategy for future blogging. Through this process, we maximize the effectiveness of every blog.


Whitepapers and eBooks fill the role of recruiting customers to provide their contact information in exchange for valuable insights that they can’t get anywhere else. Whitepapers are a tried-and-true standby for B2B marketing, taking a deep-dive into subjects relevant to the company or brand and providing properly researched explanation and analysis. They focus on a thorough breakdown in text format that leaves no stone un-turned, though they still include branded elements like logos and headers.
eBooks are a hybrid of traditional whitepapers and a more visual approach. They combine pragmatic and specific advice with a unique graphical component to help keep your audience interested.

In both cases, they can be offered on-page as part of an opt-in to collect customer information, building out one of the most valuable assets a business or marketer can have: contact information for leads.


Equal parts social proof and sales pitch, case studies prove the power of your company through real-world success stories. Compelling narratives complemented by data bring the brand’s potential to life. The feedback of customers and employees combined with deep analysis make the case for your business.

Logic Inbound also uses the power of our in-depth SEO expertise to offer above-and-beyond site copy. We know how to ensure that copy ranks properly while still generating leads and driving conversions for visitors who land on the page.


Newsletters combined with marketing automation tools can drive engagement and grow your email list simultaneously. Our writers keep your contact list up-to-date on brand updates, events, promotions, campaigns, and more through strategic email templates and meaningful calls-to-action.

Crafting email copy must also be done thoughtfully, keeping in mind the recipient’s stage in the sales funnel and the marketing automation or email service providers being used. We make sure that our email copy is not merely functional; it generates leads, it carries meaningful value, and it fits the need of the client.


Tell us about your business, and we will provide a free opportunity analysis to help you understand how search marketing can help you achieve your revenue goals. Our opportunity analysis includes a keyword report, cost analysis, ROI projections and timeline.



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