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Why We Are the Best New York SEO company


Knowledge is only one of the ways in which we are the best New York SEO company you can work with to improve your search ranking and gain more website traffic. Here’s some other bonuses of working with us:

✅ Our own website gets more than 5,000 hits a week from Google searches

✅ Our clients include major brands like, producers of bubble mailers for Amazon

✅ We also work with ATLAS WorkBase, a provider of top tier work share spaces in Seattle

✅ We have optimized our own website so that it ranks on the first page of Google for more than 300 search terms

As you can see, we apply our strategies to our own business as well. We believe so strongly in the approach we’ll use for your website, that we trust it for our own as well.

Our approach as a New York SEO agency

SEO is critical for your New York business. But you may understandably be too busy to meticulously go through your entire website looking for ways to improve your ranking in search engines. We understand the busy schedules of clients. That’s why we want to take the burden of SEO off your shoulders. Get started with us here!

As experts in SEO, we understand that out of the 150 or so signals you could try to optimize for, there are five that matter most. We’ll target those five SEO metrics to get you the best results – quickly. Many people give up on SEO simply because they’re too busy for the additional task of worrying about search engine results. But improving your Google ranking can directly translate into more business and more fans of your brand.

Our approach to SEO targets five key factors that we believe are the most important for improving SEO. By targeting our approach, we don’t waste your time or ours looking at metrics that aren’t as impactful. Instead, we intensely focus on five key areas:


  • Research
  • Site Structure
  • Authority
  • Relevance
  • Content


The way you would search for your products and services may not be the way customers would search. Often, people use Google searches in ways that seem completely unintuitive. How much site traffic is lost simply because people aren’t using the search terms you assume they are?

We understand these subtleties and try to capitalize on them. That’s part of the reason for our “top of the funnel” approach that aims at reaching the broadest possible audience. If you operate a bookstore and happen to sell notebooks, you might be what people are looking for. But they are probably not going to search for the name of your book store when researching good notebooks to buy. Therefore, getting your book store website updated to include information about notebooks can dramatically improve your overall SEO and draw in customers you otherwise might have missed.

This is just one example. There are many further complications. For example, the difference between how many people search for “best notebooks” and “which notebook is best” could literally be thousands and thousands of search queries. Our experience in SEO has taught us how to tell the difference and find the search terms that will work best for you. This is all part of the exhaustive research we do when optimizing a business’ website to get more traffic and more customers.

Site Structure

All the research in the world will go to waste without solid website structure, however. The structure of a site can make a huge difference in how Google ranks that website. Google prioritizes website with better structure. This results in smaller websites sometimes outranking the big name brands and heavy hitting competitors. Site structure is one crucial pathway to getting your site to rank higher even compared to more well-known brands.


Google also prioritizes websites that have high authority. Sometimes this is from the quality of the links within the site. Often, this relates to the content of the website, which you can learn more about below.


You might not realize it, but Google actually scours individual pages on websites to determine ranking. This is a great opportunity for smaller websites to outrank larger ones. Individual pages that are highly optimized can be a big boost for your overall SEO and search ranking.

However, those pages need to be relevant. Creating pages that aren’t relevant will not improve Google ranking. We have the knowledge and expertise to create highly relevant content pages that can get your website onto the first page of Google for hundreds of keywords.


Content is king. There is no bigger factor, in our eyes, than the content on your website. Content adds authority and relevance. Well-researched content can even improve your site structure. Truly, you can improve your SEO across all five factors by focusing on content.

But not everyone has time for creating great content. It requires research and writing, as well as web production, to improve website content. That’s where we come in. We’re content experts. Our own “contact Instagram support” page outranks Instagram’s own support page because the content is so strong. We have the resources and know-how to create top tier content that will get your website ranking high up in Google searches.


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What is SEO?
Every company needs SEO if they want to succeed. SEO, or search engine optimization, is more than just getting better search results; it is the art of making your website stand out among the pack. Don’t simply rank higher in Google. Create a fully optimized website that reaches as many potential customers as possible.


SEO Agency vs. SEO Consultant
Logic Inbound is an SEO agency, not a consultant. Why does that make a difference for you?

For one thing, an agency is a team. We believe in teamwork as a core pillar of our SEO strategy. We believe having an array of people all working together means broader expertise that is suited for any client. In contrast, a consultant is just one person. If their expertise doesn’t match your brand, there isn’t anyone else they can collaborate with to fill in those gaps in experience.

Often, consultants aspire to later become agencies when they grow enough and gain enough clients. We have already achieved this and been able to expand our team accordingly. We work together to produce superior outcomes in a timely manner. Consultants are severely constrained on time and resources. They can only do as much work as they themselves can achieve. Because we are an agency, however, we can tackle a much greater volume of work, meeting all of our clients’ needs more quickly than an individual consultant.

SEO Consulting vs. SEO Implementation
We have two offerings for our clients: consultation and implementation. We prefer to provide both services, but understand that all our clients’ needs will be slightly different. That’s why we offer the flexibility of choosing one or both strategies.

SEO Consulting

When we do SEO consulting, we do all of the leg work on keyword research, site structure, authority building, relevance and content. This is a crucial first step for improving SEO. Most clients need some amount of consultation before implementing an SEO strategy.

After we do the research, some clients go ahead and implement it themselves. This is good for businesses large enough to have in-house content producers and web producers. However, not everyone has time to also implement SEO strategies after we do a consultation. It is also the case that not every client needs or wants a consultation. You know your business best, so if you have already done all the research and leg work required, we can skip ahead to implementing your strategy.

SEO Implementation

Implementation is critical. Research without implementation isn’t going to improve your search results. We can not only do the research, we can also put all those strategies into practice so you can get results.

We understand that many of our clients are busy running their business. The day to day operations of any company are a huge task. You don’t need to also take on SEO when you work with us. You worry about your business and watch as we implement SEO strategies that drive more traffic and more sales to your website.


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