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Our SEO Approach

When people search on Google, the websites that appear at the top have strong SEO, or search engine optimization. This kind of searching is how much people find products online. Improving your placement in search rankings not only means more traffic on your website, but more customers learning about your products and services.

People scouring Google for search terms related to your business represent an audience with a significant amount of purchasing intent already. It’s even possible to tell where in the buying cycle people are by what they’re searching for in Google. For example, someone looking for a bicycle who is searching using terms like “steel frame bike vs. aluminum frame” are at the very beginning of the buying cycle. Their search is still focused on basic facts and information and hasn’t progressed deeper. Different keyword searches, including brand names or things like “buy bike model X,” are good indicators that the person has moved on to a deeper stage of the buying lifecycle and is actually ready to buy something.

We look at all the stages of the buying lifecycle and what strategies best meet customers’ needs as they progress in their research. With a nuanced approach that looks at different behavior during each part of the cycle, we get your name high up in search results and direct traffic to your website. Our approach target the earliest stage of a customer’s research, when they want information and will spend more time on your website looking at your catalog.

Our Methods for Improving Your SEO

If you try to look for SEO tips on your own, you’ll face an avalanche of information and advice. This flood of information can be discouraging for people just getting started in doing SEO for their website. There’s no way to focus your efforts when you’re examining 150 different things that supposedly all factor in to SEO.

While there are certainly many, many search-related signals that impact your rating, there are only four or five that truly matter. At Logic Inbound, we have a laser focus on these key four to five indicators, narrowing our attention to these areas:

    • research
    • site structure
    • authority
    • relevance
    • content

We stay closely focused on these key indicators of SEO in order to deliver reliable and impactful results. We understand that keeping our eye on the most important SEO metrics will produce better results than looking at 150 at once.

Our Research

SEO isn’t at the top of a customer’s mind when they are looking online for products they want or need. The human element makes SEO more tricky to nail down. Even so, the precise way real people will search for things they need is more important than it seems. For example, the difference in impressions between the search terms “Nashville seo” and “Nashville seo company” can be thousands of searches per year. As small as it seems, picking the right search term will mean you get thousands of visitors instead of only a few.

This is why we do extensive research into exactly what people are searching for and how. We examine organic search terms to pick out the precise phrasing people use when looking through Google for terms related to your products and services. We are confident that our approach to SEO research can produce tangible results for your brand. Our goal is to produce more customers who click through to purchase your products and services when they visit your website.

Site Structure

A website that is well designed will get more traffic than others, even if competitors have a lot of backlinks or other strong content. Poor site structure will still result in a lower rank in Google. Plus, you’ll show up in only a fraction of the searches you should, as your website won’t rank for as many relevant keywords as it should. In contrast, a website with an optimized structure will rank higher, attract more traffic and direct that traffic to the right places. Something as simple as a bulleted list can provide so much value to users and SEO by offering clear, formatted information. That’s why we make site structure a core tenant of our approach to SEO.

Website Authority

Backlinks help build authority for your website by directing traffic to you that comes from other authoritative sites. In building authority, we can link internally to your website, but also try to link outside it to other helpful websites. We understand how text and links interact to build your website’s authority in Google’s eyes so that it places higher in searches. Building authority is a process of examining and using both internal and external links that tell Google your website is worth noticing.

The value Google places on sites that have a lot of authority can not be overstated. Users who may have missed your website will take note when Google ranks it highly in their searches. The authority you build here will position you and your brand as an expert that customers come to rely on. Authority is invaluable not only for improving SEO but also for building a brand that customers are true fans of. Our efforts to improve your authority on a topic have benefits that go beyond just SEO. Prove to users right away that you’re the right website to trust when they’re researching for products.

Improving Relevance

Google doesn’t just sweep up entire websites; it breaks down the content on each page. One of the best ways to compete with websites that seem more comprehensive and authoritative than yours is by creating strong pages. The key is finding targeted key words that are relevant to your website and producing strong, authoritative content that outranks other websites’ content.

Logic Inbound can help with this effort by creating powerful, customized content. Don’t be content to rank lower than your competition when we can help lift your website up to the top of search results with other, stronger websites. We’ll find the search terms that are the best suited to your website and will mean the biggest impact on your website traffic on views. But we look at more than just the search terms people are using online. We tailor it to your brand so that the content we produce is relevant. We understand how the relevance of the website’s content can weight its rank in Google. That’s why we take this aspect of our approach so seriously.

Our Content

If every other factor is perfectly implemented to optimize Google search results, content would still be the absolute most important factor in search engine ranking. Nothing will get you results the way content will. Content can push you past stronger, more authoritative websites in search result ranking.

We understand the strategies and best practices for optimizing content. We know that more robust, longer and better structured content is what gets results. We use these methods for our own in-house content as well. Would you be surprised to find that Logic Inbound’s website outranks Instagram’s for “contact Instagram support” and Shopify’s for “Is Shopify safe?” We wouldn’t recommend any techniques we wouldn’t use for ourselves and we have seen with our own content how well long, structured, robust content can raise the rank of a website competing with other brands.

Why We are the Best SEO Company in Nashville

Logic Inbound provides top-notch SEO services that are backed up with proven methods. Whether you are a massive company or a small startup, we can work with you to produce SEO content that will improve your search ranking. {Here are just a few of the reasons we are so confident in our work:

  • We work with some of Nashville’s most innovative brands
  • Our own site is ranked is on the first page of Google for 600+ keywords
  • We see over 20,000 visits a month from Google|

We backup our work with real results, including:

  • Working with innovative Nashville brands
  • Getting our own site onto the first page of Google results for more than 600 keywords
  • Getting more than 20,000 visits from Google per week|

Here are some of the ways in which we have excelled in the field of SEO:

  • We work with innovative brands in Nashville
  • We have gotten our own company website onto the first page of search results for 600+ search queries
  • Our own website gets more than 20,000 visits a month from Google

Our success has expanded our client base. Our clients include law firms and major retailers, all of whom have seen better search results through our approach. We can get your website ranking higher no matter which specific field your business specializes in. Although we employ SEO strategies that work across the board, we also work with an eye toward the unique needs of each of our clients.

SEO Agency vs. SEO Consultant:

At Logic Inbound, we consider ourselves a well-rounded SEO agency. Let’s examine some of the advantages of having an agency instead of a consultant.

We look at our approach as one focused on teamwork. Our team at Logic Inbound includes experts and experienced content creators across a range of fields so that we can meet your brand’s specific needs. Better results come out of teams who can share their knowledge and skills while working together. In contrast, a consultant is an individual trying to accomplish their tasks all on their own. At Logic Inbound, we believe our team can produce superior SEO results.

Often, consultants are only consultants because they have not yet gained the skills to grow their business into an agency. Resourcing is an issue for consultants, as they can only take on as many clients and as much work as they personally can handle. Teams don’t face this trouble. We are adaptable and able to take on a higher capacity of SEO work. We believe our team knows how to find the right SEO approach and work together to get results no matter what your business needs.

The Difference Between Consulting and Implementation

We have a two-pronged approach that includes SEO consulting and SEO implementation. Consulting and implementation overlap but produce different results. Often it is a combination of these two that gets the right outcome. The decision to stick to a consultation or also ask us to implement SEO strategies depends on your brand and needs, as well as your bandwidth. It can be a weight off your shoulders to allow us to take over during the implementation stage. When we implement on our strategies, you will be able to measure the success of our methods yourself.

What is Consulting?

SEO consulting is the research-heavy part of our SEO strategy.

Consultation examines a range of things, including:

  • Finding the right keywords
  • Revamping site structure
  • Speaking with authority
  • Site relevance
  • Site content

We base our strategy around research into all of these factors as they relate to your website. Our consultation is not meant to dictate, but rather to be a collaboration. We are just here to offer our knowledge and resources at the beginning stages. You might find that your website is really lacking in content, but has a strong structure backing it up; or you could realize that it’s keywords that are hurting your search relevance more than other factors.

The goal is to have you in charge again soon. It is not unusual for clients to want to do their own implementation after getting a consultation for us. There are some who are willing to do restructuring and content writing in house once they have a clear direction. Take the information that we provide through our analysis and make it your own by implementing it on your own. The voice of your brand is often a voice discovered in house among your own experts who can speak to your products best.

Implementing on SEO

All that said, not everyone can implement. In addition to doing a consultation, we can also implement on the strategies we recommend. An SEO implementation from us is the next step after a consultation, putting in place the methods we discover.

We can look at brands similar to your own while doing our SEO implementation, which can also include a website restructuring and content creation.

When we do an implementation, we may:

  • Create content
  • Write articles
  • Restructure pages and content
  • Research keywords
  • Report on progress and success

We back up our work with reporting that shows changes in site traffic and other metrics based on our work. We do much more than just research in our SEO strategies. When we implement on those strategies we produce excellent results and verifiable benefits.

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We are completely invested in the success of our clients. It’s important that we gather some information about your company and your current marketing efforts in order to deliver a project proposal that will fit your business and your goals.

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