Consistent sleep has been a nightmare for me lately. (See what I did there?)

I often go to sleep at 12.

I tried punishing myself and said “If I don’t go to sleep on time I’ll buy all my friends dinner”.

This has cost me hundreds of dollars…didn’t work.

Next I’m gonna try and flip this equation.

Maybe I’m just more reward focused in this endeavor?

I will write out a clear bedtime routine for myself.

Then I’ll get to have a reward raffle.

Let the experiment begin. 🙂

But before I write out the routine I’m gonna try..lets discuss 1 question…

Is Sleep Important In Business!?

Arianna Huffington says YES. I say YES. Anyone who has a brain I would say, says YES!


Because your brain needs energy 😉

And energy can only be produced when you get rest. You can’t just go non-stop otherwise we’ll burn out like a battery.

I actually ended up in and out of hospitals 5 years ago working way too hard because of this.

Ideally you get 8 hours of sleep especially if you exercise. Your body needs to recover.

Burning yourself out isn’t glorious it’s actually painful, and negative.

If you can’t lay in bed and go to sleep I suggest you learn how to meditate. This video does a great job explaining the concept.

Ideal bedtime routine:

  1. Before I even get into bedtime the number 1 thing that helped me write this today is meditation. I meditated for 7 minutes right after work today and visualized the rest of my day. This helped me get rid of the biggest thing that can distract me from the 2nd half of my day: business.
  2. Before I even hit bed we need to know when to prep. The ideal prep for me and you may be different, for me that’s 8 pm. Since I wanna get up super early the next day.
  3. What’s the prep consist of? Of course shave, shower, etc. Then you have checking and planning finances and coding 2 things I plan to do for the rest of my life.
  4. Next I write in a journal a rating of myself in terms of how I did for Health (exercise, eat right, etc), Wealth (coding and finances are key here) and Relationships (I reach out to 1 person I think is awesome daily).
  5. Then I write down 1 big question for myself in the journal. Ideally this is the easiest most valuable problem to solve.
  6. Last, but not least I write down exactly what time I went to sleep.
  7. The ideal time for me to hit bed and hit the book is 10 pm.
  8. From here I will read a growth book and it’ll tire me out.


Anyways that’s my routine…I’ve previously written 2 posts about this on my medium blog…it’s still an issue, but I’m improving 🙂

Here’s a fun little rewards system I made for myself. For me to get a chance at the spin, I need to go to sleep before 10:15 pm as logged in my journal.





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