ATLAS Workbase Case Study

ATLAS Workbase is Seattle’s newest coworking space, and WeWork’s #1 competitor in the area. Located in downtown Seattle a block away from Amazon & the Gates Foundation, ATLAS Workbase is expanding to multiple new locations over the next 12 months.

Ganja Print Case Study

Ganja Print is a leader in promotional products for smoke shops and dispensaries with customers in all 50 states and dozens of countries around the world. We executed a search marketing to drive 50+ 1st page keywords generating tens of thousands of dollars in wholesale purchases.

Dr. Kate Kass Case Study

Dr. Kass is one of the fastest growing functional medicine doctor operating in the Greater Seattle Area. She began her search marketing campaign while working in a general clinic. Within a year she had a consistent stream of new patients, and enabling Dr. Kass to go independent and open her own clinic.

Redwood Valuations Case Study

Redwood Valuation is the worlds leading business valuation firm, working with startup unicorns like WhatsApp, FitBit, Robinhood, Metromile and dozens of others. There was a rumor their competitor Silicon Valley Bank Analytics was being acquired and we executed a campaign to rank a blog post outlining the risks the acquisition posed to SVB clients ABOVE SVB’s own announcement.


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