Blockchain Marketing To Drive Post ICO Adoption


Smart blockchain companies are leveraging organic search marketing to create awareness, build credibility, and drive real world adoption of their token by creating industry specific content to distribute via Google. With the crackdown across Facebook and Adwords organic search marketing has become even more important to blockchain businesses in driving mainstream awareness and usage.

How does search marketing work?

Google needs to provide the most relevant, highest quality content for any given search to maintain its status in the leader in search. Aligning your site with those two goals will drive thousands of 1st page keywords, and allow you to compete against much stronger domains and brands.


Google prioritizes pages it believes are more relevant to a given search query then pages that it believes are less relevant. Logic Inbound leverages search data to drive keyword decisions across the areas that impact relevance, which include URL, meta title, meta description, H1 and H2s.


Through trillions of searches, Google has developed signals, or indicators, to determine content quality. Google has found that pages with more of these signals than the competition drive better user engagement metrics; time on site, pages visited, low bounce rate, etc. Indicators of high quality content include length and use of structured data such as lists, tables, bullet points, citations, and embedded YouTube videos.

Our Interest in Blockchain

About Logic Inbound

Track Record
Logic Inbound drove over 5,000 1st page keywords in 2017, and is on track to driving tens of thousands more in 2018 across clients and internal R&D. generated 70,000 organic search visitors in May 2018 Our clients range from 300 employee technology companies to 1,500 employee healthcare firms

Our Interest in Blockchain
Logic Inbound’s team was an early BitCoin adopter, with their first transactions in the space in 2015, and hosts Seattle’s largest monthly blockchain meetup.

Why should you trust us?

Logic Inbound hosts a bi-weekly ICO group called: Cryptocurrency Traders of Seattle. crypto is our passion so we’re always up to date on industry standards. We work with who receives over 250 thousand views per month to their crypto news site. Recently one of our partner Nick spoke at on the importance of SEO for an ICO. Even though the field is new our partners are all investors in various coins and already have experience.

The internet is composed of two things: content and backlinks. The more real estate you cover on both ends the more traffic your site will naturally get. So the question then becomes where do you start? That’s the first question Logic Inbound answers. We have a 2 hour search volume opportunity analysis process we go through.

After your opportunities are determined we then create outlines for each page. Every page on a website has 5 critical factors that need to be scoped out before the’re built (Meta Title, Meta Description, H1’s, H2’s and Content Count).

While web pages are built we go out we start building out backlinks. There are multiple types of backlinks every website needs everything from: comment links, event links, guest blog post links, internal links and more. During the link building process we do a competitor and field analysis to determine which websites and link methods are best to build out with our link analysis plan.

The link analysis plan is then handed off to our link builders who are trained on how to properly create various types of links.

Why is Search for ICO’s Important?

With online pay per click ad companies cracking down on cryptocurrencies search traffic is one of the easiest ways to drive clients to your project and the most natural. Instead of spending larger and larger budgets to acquire clients, with a proper SEO plan you can always pay the same price as traffic increases giving you a larger ROI each month for the same ad spend. is the fastest growing premium blockchain publication, generating over 250,000 organic search visitors every month.

Justin Wu is a top blockchain marketer working with X, Y, and Z tokens.

Researchers, analysts, and investigators developing blockchain data analysis products and research.


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