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In 2018, instant gratification is the norm. Consumer attention spans are shorter than ever, so highly responsive customer support can play a large role in converting the traffic you worked so hard for into actual revenue.

When consumers have a question, they don’t want to email you, and they don’t want to call you – they want and expect instant answers. Luckily, there are multiple apps to help you with this.

Besides providing growth consulting to companies ranging from start-ups to multinational organizations, we also run our own e-commerce stores. Throughout our journey, we’ve tried many different Shopify live chat apps to find out what works best for us.

We’re going to share our findings with you so that you can figure out what works for your store and maximize your revenue.

Best Shopify Live Chat Apps

App Name Price
Facebook Chat by Beeketing Free
Tidio Chat Shopify App Free to $15 / month
Chatra Live 14-day trial available.
$15 / month Free

Shopify Live Chat App for Facebook by Beeketing

beeketing facebook chat

Price: Free

Facebook Chat by Beeketing is the highest reviewed and rated chat app in the Shopify App Store. This app leverages Facebook to allow you to talk to and support your customers directly from Facebook Messenger, the same way as with a Facebook friend.

One of the benefits of leveraging Facebook Messenger is the familiarity of the experience for consumers. It feels natural and intuitive to the consumer, it re-affirms to them that they’re talking to a real person.

On top of that, it transfers some of the trust that consumers have in Facebook Messenger to your own business.

The only downside is immediately after a consumer submits a chat request, they are directed to check Facebook or Facebook Messenger instead of the app opening a chat window on the store page.

Tidio Chat Shopify App

tidio live chat

Price: Free to $15/month

Tidio Chat has over 500 reviews on the Shopify App Store and boasts a 5-Stars overall rating. Tidio does not use Facebook Messenger; instead, it leverages its own proprietary mobile apps and desktop web app to facilitate communication.

If you’re making enough revenue $15 a month is absolutely worth it – there is a ton of extra functionality you won’t find in a completely free app like Beeketing.

Their feature list is quite extensive, so we’ll list our favorites (in order):

  1. See messages before they’re sent: Tidio shows what the customer is typing before they hit enter, so you know what they’re going to say before the customer sends their message. This allows you to get the jump on their issue and impress them with your ability to read their mind.
  2. Automatic messages: This feature allows you to automatically open a chat window with a visitor, displaying a welcome message such as “Are you finding everything alright?”
  3. Offline contact form: Turn your chat box pop-up into a one-way contact form when you and your team are outside of business hours. When you arrive the next day, you’ll have an email with the visitor’s email address and messages sitting in your inbox.
  4. Mobile app: Having a dedicated mobile app can be nice when Facebook Messenger is experiencing issues.
  5. Multi-language support: Although Americans would have you believe otherwise, English isn’t the only language spoken online. Tidio has localized its app into hundreds of languages so you can support your customers in their native language.

Chatra Live Chat

chatra chat

Price: $15/month with a 14-day free trial

Much like Tidio, Chatra uses a proprietary messaging platform with a mobile app and desktop web app to connect you to your customers.

Also much like Tidio, you can message your customers first, see real-time customer typing insights, and collect contact info while you’re offline.

However, there are a few other powerful features that make Chatra worth considering:

  1. Cart Recovery – Chatra can proactively contact customers stuck at the shopping cart. This can have a profound impact on conversions by unsticking customers and convincing them to take out their card and pay you.
  2. Fix Typos – Chatra allows you to fix typos after sending a message. This is a lifesaver, especially when you’re supporting your customer on the go from your mobile phone. If I published this article without being able to edit it first, everyone would think I’m illiterate there would be a few errors.
  3. Real Time Visitor Insights – Chatra provides as much information about the person you’re talking to as possible – including what page they initiated the chat from, what page they are currently on, and what’s in their cart. You can even see what device they are using.


tawkto shopify live chat app

Price: Free

Tawk.To has most of the same functionality as the other apps on our list, from having an app dashboard to cart recovery. The main selling point of Tawk.To is the sense among users and reviewers that ‘it just works’.

Deploying and setting up Tawk.To is quick, easy and painless, and we’re not the only ones who think so. Almost every review compliments Tawk.To’s simplicity:

  • Such a simple chat app…very small, but efficient. You guys have the right idea 🙂
  • “Impossible to fault it. Works really well and looks really great.  We were using Zendesk but is easily a match for it (much cheaper too) and much easy to integrate in Shopify.”
  • Installed the app now for a week, I must say that it works perfectly! Used a payed app before but now replacing all my shopify stores with this plugin! Works great. is another strong option for a Shopify live chat app. If one of the others doesn’t seem right for you, it’s worth considering whether is a good fit for your site.

The Shopify live chat apps covered in this article are definitely one of the strongest ones available on the Shopify App Store. If you want solid live chat functionality for your Shopify store, using any of these would give you great results.

Which live chat app are you using for your Shopify store? Let us know in the comments below!

shopify free trial

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